The Importance Of Sustainability In Business

August 29, 2022

Sustainability is the buzzword for our eco-friendly scene today, but what does sustainability  pertain to? We may think of sustainability as the three (3) R’s: reduce, reuse, and recycle; but  those are simply band-aid efforts in our quest to create a healthier environment for all.

Climate change affects all of us. If we don’t make conscious efforts to reverse the damage  we’ve done, we may not have a future to look forward to. Over years of effort, we have made  changes in our social and environmental spaces, but we are still just at the tip of the iceberg in  reversing the damage to our ecosystem, as well as our socio-economic processes.  

For this reason, businesses all over the world are adapting to implement sustainability practices  to positively impact our ecosystems by offering eco-friendly solutions and products that minimize the waste created from daily operations.


Businesses that aim to minimize their negative impact on the environment should look into  sustainable business practices in efforts to gain a competitive advantage through sustainability  strategies. Maintaining a business to be sustainable is not only beneficial to the environment, it  is beneficial to the business as well.

Maintaining a sustainably-sound business means to integrate as many sustainability initiatives  into the day to day operations of the business as possible. This is done in the hopes of reducing  the carbon footprint and waste products that a business may produce as a result of their  manufacturing, service, or operations processes.  


Sustainable and eco-friendly practices include simple acts such as diversity in the workplace  and inclusivity, to more impactful efforts like green building and integrating repurposed materials  into the product line. Sustainability in business aims to combat problems like climate change  and social inequality.  

For example, plastic water bottles get a bad rap for being environmentally destructive; but little  known fact is that PET bottles are more recyclable than paper or styrofoam cups, and are more  likely to be collected by recycling companies. At My Own Water, we also offer an alternative to  plastic bottles that is both environmentally friendly, and pleasing to the eye.

My Own Water aluminum water bottles are made with sterilized, recycled aluminum, which is a  sustainable material as aluminum can be recycled limitlessly. Recycled aluminum bottles are  just as portable and lightweight as plastic bottles, but aluminum can be reused over and over  again without compromising its integrity.  


By now, sustainability should be a requirement for any business as we struggle to reverse the  effects of climate change and environmental disasters. Sustainable business strategies are on a  high, as more and more companies realize the importance of maintaining waste-free and  minimal operations for the betterment of the environment.


A sustainability strategy may include making social and environmental change in the workplace  to advocate for environmental sustainability. Collaborating with environmental organizations,  using renewable energy around the production facility and office, maintaining proper waste  management, and other innovative strategies help build sustainable businesses.

Sustainability is also being socially responsible, and businesses practicing these may look into  respecting human rights, inclusivity, and employee retention as part of their socially responsible  business strategy.


Sustainability is not just important in business; rather, sustainability should be ingrained in  everyone as we urgently need to take better care of the planet. For business leaders, by  integrating sustainable practices into their business, they can also save up on product costs and  minimize the waste products produced that just get into the landfill.  

Consumers are more likely to purchase products from a sustainably-sound business, so there is  a competitive advantage to embracing sustainability in the workplace. Some benefits to  integrating sustainability in the business include cut costs on waste overhaul, more efficient  supply chain, and positive impressions on consumers and other stakeholders.


Regardless of business model, unless the business is rooted in polluting oceans and destroying  lands, sustainability is beneficial to all businesses across different industries. Keeping the  environment healthy means that we can continue to utilize the resources we have that are  currently available to us, and that is a huge benefit for any business.

For the most part, sustainability benefits businesses in terms of cost-cutting. Where recycled  materials, sustainable implements like cooling systems and natural lighting and more  innovations will save businesses on cost in the long run.  


Businesses are always looking for opportunities to make money and by finding ways to improve  on their operations. Business owners can see an increase in cash inflow while a decrease in  cash outflow as sustainability typically lowers costs of goods and services sold as byproducts  are repurposed into other products and recycled materials use less energy to produce.

For example, our aluminum water bottles are made with recycled aluminum. They are sterilized  and remodeled into perfectly new bottles. These bottles take up only a fraction of the materials,  energy, and manpower it takes to produce the same bottle with newly mined aluminum.  

In fact, recycled aluminum uses only 5% of power to produce and repurpose, and the process  uses much less water than producing plastic water bottles, glass bottles, or water bottles made  with newly mined aluminum. Recycling aluminum removes the need to mine for the aluminum,  ensuring that workers are in a safe environment while minimizing the mining activities done.


At My Own Water, we take sustainability very seriously. We ensure that our business practices  follow environmentally-sound principles as we embrace sustainability in our corporate social  responsibility. We provide our customers with a choice to switch to aluminum bottles instead of  plastic, and we source water only from authorized bodies that are regulated in supply.

Our natural spring water brings you the taste of refreshment from protected California springs,  regulated and managed by the FDA to ensure quality without compromise. We work with  authorized suppliers to source our materials, and collaborate only with businesses that value  sustainability as much as we do.

Find out how we keep our company environmentally-sound, as well as how we keep our social  responsibility ongoing in the workplace through our website and blog.

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