Aluminum Bottled Water

The #1 beverage in the world, now in the #1 most recycled material!

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100% Eco Friendly

Our aluminum bottles and caps can be infinitely recycled.

Long-Lasting Durability

Our bottles and caps are made with the highest quality aluminum.

Safe and Resealable

Each bottle and cap are engineered to keep your water sealed and fit for endless uses.

Custom Label & Personalized Aluminum Water Bottles

24 case minimum order

The same options to custom design your perfect branded bottle are now offered for recyclable, reusable and resealable aluminum bottles. Please note that Spring water is not currently available in Aluminum bottles.

Aluminum is recycled more often and more efficiently than any other packaging material - even more than glass and cartons. Aluminum is infinitely recyclable which means that each time a bottle is recycled it can be processed and remade into another bottle in as few as 60 days.

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Why Choose Aluminum?


Plastic pollution is perhaps one of the biggest environmental issues of our age. Solving it without increasing other environmental burdens will require an approach that tackles wider concerns around unsustainable resouruce use. It is a challenge that businesses, government and the whole of society must jointly face. At the sharp end of the current debate are companies, particularly in the grocery sector, that use plastic packaging. They are now under great scrutiny, and often public pressure, to stop using the material.

Shoppers Claiming To Have Switched Their Regular Food Brands Because Of Their Attitude To Packaging

graph about shoppers attitude toward packaging

U.S. Consumption Per Beverage Type

graph on US consumption per beverage type

People Are Concerned About Plastic?

infographic on people's concern about plastic usage

Types of Food Packaging That People Worry About

graph on types of food packaging that people worry about



While no single use container option is perfect, bottled water packaged in resealable aluminum containers has emerged as the best way to package the world's most popular beverage for the following reasons:

#1 Most Recycled Material

Consumers recycle aluminum more than any other beverage container: aluminum (49.8%), glass (26.4%), plastic (29.2%)

Energy Saver

Emmissions associated with transporting and manufacturing aluminum are 7-21% lower than plastic bottles and 35-49% lower than glass bottles.

3x Recycled Content

Aluminum contains 3x more recycled content than any other beverage container: aluminum (73%), glass (23%), plastic (3%)

60 Days Cycle

Aluminum bottles can be recycled and back on the shelf as a new bottle in 60 days or less, over and over and over again.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

We have a long history of continuously seeking ways to improve our environmental footprint here at the Crystal Beverage Company.
In fact, In 2006, we were the first company in North America to make our bottles using 100% recycled PET.

We vow to continually challenge ourselves to develop and access technology that not only fulfills the needs of our customers but also protects our environment.

We know it is important to stay informed on new ways of production, practice safe manufacturing, conserve resources and energy as well as continually pursuing sustainable solutions to everyday needs.

We believe that regardless of the bottle you are using, it is important to emphasize the impact of safe and consistent recycling practices. Help us make a measurably better tomorrow by always remembering to recycle!

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