Bulk Bottled Water, Wholesale Prices

Buying wholesale custom bottled water in bulk is a great way to lower your cost.

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Flexible Manufacturing

We offer rush services for clients in need of immediate products and can ship throughout the US.

Highest Value

We offer the best pricing in the industry.

Industry-Grade Production

With our own state of the art facility including label printing, blow molding and bottling- we have the most advanced production options available.

Pallet Special

As low as $0.24 per bottle for bulk and wholesale orders!

Order an entire pallet of customized water bottles for just $0.24 per bottle! For our most popular 16.9 oz value bottle, each pallet includes 1728 bottles and is 2,190 lbs. The cost includes full color label printing on waterproof labels.

bulk bottle production in factory

Why Bulk Bottles?

Generic bottles are expensive and not profitable for your business.

That’s why we offer fully customized water bottles at a cheaper price than common water bottle brands. We have the best pricing of bulk bottled water in the industry compared to other customized and generic water bottles.

Our custom labeled water bottles are available at wholesale prices to all customers regardless of the necessary quantity.

We can provide co-packing for large retailers across the country because we have our own 150,000 sq. ft. state of the art facility that houses our label printing and in-house blow molding as well as a storage warehouse.

Bulk Bottle Shipping

Shipping water usually comes with a high cost as shipping prices directly correlate to weight.

Luckily, Crystal Beverage Co. has excellent partnerships with various common carriers in the US that offer the cheapest delivering and shipping options. We are able to ship in record breaking time without bank breaking costs.

All shipping fees are FOB Commerce CA 90040. For orders shipped within California, an additional CRV $0.05 per bottle is needed.

Curious about cost? Contact our Customer Service Department today!

Pricing is based on the amount of cases ordered; the more cases you order, the lower price per case.

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Why Buy Bottled Water in Bulk?

Buying wholesale custom bottled water in bulk is a great way to lower your cost.

From a manufacturing standpoint - we set up our machines for each label and project we run whether we are processing 1 bottle or 1 million bottles.  It is most cost and time effective for both parties involved to run as many bottles as possible at once. This helps your cost as the consumer to go down exponentially.

Bottled water is profitable for your business and an effective marketing and advertising strategy.

Having your brand logo on a water bottle can drive your name and information to potential customers. Spend minimal money with maximum payout - as your guests, customers and clients bring your name and logo with them into the world, there is infinite exposure to be had. Whether you use them as gift bags for customers in your office, offer them as complimentary items in a hotel room or pass them out when clients leave your business; there are infinite possibilities for the use of custom bottled water.

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