Environment Awareness: Proactive Steps to Protect the Planet

August 29, 2022

Scientists warn that we only have less than 10 years left before climate change becomes irreversible, yet we are already feeling its effects due to carbon dioxide emissions over decades of environmental mistreatment.

This is why we need to do better, and have a collective effort to reverse climate change before it's too late. Environmental awareness can only take us so far, and we need to start making steps to reduce our carbon footprint, become environmentally aware, and address environmental concerns by implementing green strategies.

Small Steps to Maintain a Sustainable Lifestyle

The key to switching to a sustainable lifestyle is consistency. Starting your eco-friendly journey is an easy task, but maintaining a sustainable lifestyle is a different matter. To keep your switch consistent, and to promote environmental awareness to people around you, start small and work your way to bigger causes.

Here are a few small steps you can practically incorporate into your life to maintain a sustainable lifestyle. Spreading environmental awareness starts at home, and tackling these environmental issues won't happen overnight. Take it slow, but steady, and remember to raise environmental awareness as you go!

#1 Using Sustainable Alternatives

Nowadays, more than a third of consumers are making conscious efforts to choose sustainable materials and natural resources for their goods. These consumers are willing to pay a premium to stick to eco-friendly alternatives - and it's not entirely a bad idea!

More and more companies are facing global warming head on, either by providing eco-friendly alternatives to their products, or promoting sustainable development in their industry. It is all part of our collective efforts to reverse climate change, and create a better world for future generations.

At My Own Water, we do our part in promoting awareness of climate change issues and global warming with our sustainable products. We use only 100% recyclable plastics like PET, and we offer aluminum bottles so our clients can choose to go green with us. We continuously cultivate environmental awareness as part of our environmental responsibility.

#2 Practicing Proper Waste Management

Our waste management systems, or lack thereof, greatly contribute to the degradation of the environment. Proper waste management is one of the ways we can help the planet, and make the environment suitable for plant and animal life.

Practicing proper waste management does not stop at your recycling bin at home. It is gathering as a community to keep a conscious effort to maintain proper waste management in our homes, school curriculums, offices, and places of business.

#3 Cutting Plastic Goods Out

The entire process of manufacturing and usage of plastics is an issue of its own. From harvesting raw materials to waste disposal, plastic waste is a growing concern that leads to environmental challenges, particularly to marine life when microplastics make their way into the oceans and seas.

Cutting plastic goods out, and opting for materials like canvas bags, cloth wrappers, and reusable bottles is the eco-friendly solution to reducing greenhouse gases created by these materials.

#4 Less Meat, Less Greenhouse Gas Emissions

According to a study on consumers in the US, if all consumers can cut their meat consumption by 25%, then we could be reducing up to 1% of greenhouse gas emissions. While 1% does not seem like a huge number, it equates to thousands of tons of fertilizer and water use reduction, as well as the protection of hundred-thousand acres of land in rainforests.

Reduce your meat consumption, and choose to go vegetarian for a couple of days a week. Start by going vegan once a week, and increase your meatless days until you reach a level of meatless consumption you're comfortable with.

Going Big in Going Green

#1 Promote Environmental Awareness

The next step in becoming environmentally aware is to promote environmental awareness to others. This means to go big, and get others to go green as well. There are multiple ways you can start cultivating environmental awareness in your business, school, or community.

Start by leading as an example for a sustainable lifestyle. You can then move on to promoting environmental awareness around your community through environmental education, and how to preserve the natural environment through a sustainable lifestyle.

#2 Looking Toward Sustainable Development

We don't simply stop at the current eco-friendly products we have in the market. We have to take action towards environmental issues, and look to further develop our eco-friendly products. These include developments in green energy, air purification, water use reduction, and materials that do not make use of fossil fuels.

Consume Sustainably

The best way to start is to consume sustainably. At My Own Water, we provide our consumers the choice to go green with our aluminum water bottles that are guaranteed recyclable, pure, and are made with less energy and resources than other alternatives.

Start your sustainable development today, and check out our product pages for more information!

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