How to Fix A Dented Aluminum Water Bottle

August 29, 2022
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Aluminum bottles are great - they keep your drinks hot or cold for extended periods of time, they are portable, and they are reusable, which means they're great for the environment too! 

However, one downside to aluminum is that the material is malleable, making aluminum water bottles easy to dent. A dented aluminum bottle is still functional, but it doesn't look very attractive for the average consumer. In fact, some water bottle manufacturers cover manufacturing defects, but they may not cover ordinary wear and tear, scratches, or powder coat chips of their aluminum water bottles.

Before attempting to fix that dent on your bottle, check first whether the dent was a manufacturing defect, and whether your brand can cover manufacturing defects in their warranty. You may be able to exchange your bottle for a new one. Otherwise, follow these steps below to try removing those dents from your bottle. 

How to Fix a Dented Aluminum Water Bottle

Fixing a dent in an aluminum bottle may seem impossible, but with a few tools and tricks, you may be able to get those dents out without much worry. However, our hacks are designed for single-walled bottles and may not be applicable for insulated bottles. Always check with your manufacturer on the proper care guides for your type of bottle. 

Heat Dent Removal

For minor dents, you may be able to remove the dented areas using heat and water. Fill your empty bottle with cold water, and screw the lid on to create a vacuum seal. Place your bottle into a pot of boiling water, and the pressure from the expanding air from the vacuum seal may get those dents out. 

Alternatively, you may need to use a sturdy wooden spoon to push the dents out while the aluminum or stainless steel bottle is still hot. Use thick gloves or tongs to hold the bottle at a comfortable and stable angle that you can fix dents out. Only do this for bottles that do not have double-walled insulation. 

Compressed Air

Blowing compressed air into your water bottle may provide enough pressure to lift the dented areas. Although this requires some tools to properly fix the dented spot, compressed or high-pressured air can bring the bottle back to the original shape. The minor force will push outward towards the exterior of the bottle, and lift the dent at the same time.

Freezer Dent Removal

Another quick fix to dents in bottles is to use the freezer method. Fill up your aluminum or stainless steel bottle with about 90% full with plain water. Try to make the air bubble centered to the dent as you place the bottle on the side. Place the bottle in the freezer, and let the bottle freeze for a few hours. The pressure inside the bottle would build up, and hopefully push out the dent from the inner wall.

Another way is to use soda or other carbonated drinks instead of water. The carbonation will lift the dent, and hopefully bring back the shape of the bottle. However, be careful of powder coat chips that may fall off when the bottle exterior freezes up. Only place the bottle in the freezer for a few hours, not overnight.

Hair Dryer and Dry Ice Method

If none of these methods work, then you can try the dry ice method. The hair dryer and dry ice method may also help lift out the dent. Heat up your bottle with a hair dryer until the surface is hot to the touch. You may also do this using boiling water. Focus the heat on the dent until the area is hot. 

Take a piece of dry ice using gloves or tongs, and rub the dry ice directly onto the dent to blast freeze the area, and keep repeating until the dent is gone. The theory is that the sudden change in temperature will provide pressure to pop the dent back into its original position. 

Alternatively, the hot sun can also help to heat the dented area enough for you to apply the ice, which will hopefully lift the dent. You may try to push the dent from the inside only if your aluminum bottle is  not double-walled or insulated. 

What to do With a Dented Bottle

When all else fails and you're stuck with a dented aluminum or stainless steel bottle, then don't fret! You can always check on your warranty and see whether the damage to your bottle is covered by the company warranty. Fixing dents in bottles is not an uncommon repair, but for those dents that are too big to miss, then you may be better off getting a new bottle instead.

As long as the bottle is clean, and has the capacity to hold your drinks without spillage, then you should be fine using a dented aluminum bottle. An aluminum bottle, though dented, will still keep your drink fresh and crisp. 

Unlike glass or plastic, the aluminum bottle won’t leak harmful chemicals. The My Own Water aluminum bottles are made BPA-free, so you don’t have to worry about chemicals leaking into your drink.

If you decide to dispose of your aluminum bottle, then you can bring your My Own Water aluminum bottles to any recycling center for the bottle to be recycled into a new one. As aluminum is a recyclable material, most recycling centers have no qualms on accepting our aluminum bottles for recycling.

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