Aluminum Vs Plastic Bottled Water: Which One Should You Get?

November 21, 2021
Water Bottles

Water is life. But, bacteria and toxic materials can easily mix with it. Hence, people use good filters to make water pure. After the filtration process, you need to keep water in a safe container or a bottle. This means the bottle that holds water should be truly a safe one.

Aluminum and plastic water bottles are popular in the market — they are good competitors and equally good water container options. But which water bottle should you always carry or use? Which bottle can keep your water cool the most?

In this article, we’ll take a look at the top features of each bottle and help you decide which one’s the best choice for your everyday needs.


Plastic bottles are made of many different types. For example, there’s a disposable bottle and there are reusable variants. Apart from that, low grade or high grade plastic is used to manufacture plastic bottles. So it’s important that you should know everything about a plastic water bottle before buying one.

Plastic bottles are popular in the market. Because almost every country in the world can produce them easily. However, these bottles have several unknown features. So, before using them you should know these bottles well.


1. Affordable

Yes, this is the greatest feature of plastic bottles. They come at the cheapest rate. As a result, students, travelers, and almost everybody love these bottles. These bottles are available almost in every corner of the world. So you can always get them easily.

2. No Metallic Taste

If you use a water bottle made of metal, then your water may have a metallic taste. But a plastic water bottle retains your water's taste so you can enjoy your water even after a long time.

3. Attractive Shapes and Sizes

Plastic water bottles look attractive. They are available in many sizes and shapes. You can also choose colorful bottles. Hence, it's really easy to pick your favorite bottle at the store.

4. BPA Free Option Available

Some people think that plastic bottles are not safe. But these bottles are actually available in many numbers (1 to 7). These numbers or grades symbolize the quality of plastic bottles.

5. Can Keep Cool and Warm Water

A good quality plastic bottle is a safe option to carry cool or even lukewarm water.

6. Not So Fragile

Some plastic bottles are made for one-time usages. But that doesn't mean that plastic bottles are easy to break. New-age plastic bottles are made with tough layers to withstand a good amount of pressure. Even, if you drop them, they may not break. So it’s important that you use supreme quality plastic water bottles to truly feel the difference.

7. Easy To Recycle

Plastic water bottles are easy to recycle. But before buying one you should know whether the bottle is reusable or not.

8. Dishwasher Safe

High-grade and high-quality plastic water bottles can be washed in a dishwasher, leaving no room for bacteria and allowing you to reuse and carry it for everyday use.


Aluminum is considered one of the safest materials. As a matter of fact, you may have seen that even food products are packaged in aluminum foils. Moreover, aluminum is available abundantly everywhere.

Reusable aluminum bottles on the other hand can keep your water in a healthy state. These bottles are easy to recycle and are lightweight to a tee. Here are several top features to keep in mind.


1. Stylish

Aluminum water bottles look visually stylish and appealing. That's why they are the ideal choice when it comes to product promotions. You can have creative designs stamped on these bottles for giveaways and branded materials.

2. Reusable

Other water bottles can be harmful to use more than once. But when it comes to aluminum bottles, you can ensure that every sip and wash is just like the first time.

3. Environment Friendly

Aluminum water bottles are highly recyclable. This means you can save our dear planet by using good quality aluminum water bottles.

4. Controls Water Temperature

Aluminum bottles can keep your water cool. These metal bottles can easily retain your water temperature for a long time. So your water always tastes and feels great.

5. Tough

You may have to carry a water bottle to your gym, sports ground, or school. In that case, you can choose an aluminum water bottle. These metal bottles are tough and they don't break easily. Hence, you can use them all day for grueling physical activities without  the worry.

6. Available In Different Sizes

Do you know that aluminum water bottles can carry a good amount of water?

These bottles are often available in small and big sizes. So you have the option to carry your entire day's worth of water in these bottles.

7. Rust-Free

The best part of aluminum water bottles is that they don't rust. This means you can use them for a long time. Moreover, rusts can contaminate your drinking water. Hence, aluminum water bottles are the right choice to keep water extra clean and filtered.

Do you want to learn more about rust-free water bottles? Then you can read our short article about aluminum vs stainless steel bottles. Both are rust-free and insulated, but they also have a few differences.

8. Lightweight

If you want to use metal bottles, then aluminum bottles should be your first choice. Aluminum is a light metal material. As a result, you can carry a good amount of water in these bottles without getting tired of carrying the entire thing.


Aluminum vs. plastic water bottle? The decision lies entirely in your everyday needs and usage. If you’re a physically active person with an inclination towards eco-friendly materials, we highly recommend going with the aluminum bottle. However, if you’re just looking for something casual to carry your water all day, then a plastic bottle should be just fine.

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