Where to Buy Aluminum Water Bottles

August 29, 2022
Water Bottles

In the bid to go against plastic and stick to the better options, aluminum water bottles present a sustainable alternative to plastic water bottles. Aluminum water bottles have as much as 68% recycled material on average compared to just 3% recycled material for plastics. 

Majority of plastic bottles do not degrade, as the plastic particles would just scale down over time. These microplastics make their way into our forests and oceans, creating problems with the local flora and fauna as the plastic releases toxic chemicals into the surrounding environment. 

Aluminum water bottles aren’t the main type of bottle in the market, so sourcing these for your own consumption or for your business may pose a bit of a challenge. We’ve compiled a list of companies and stores that offer reusable aluminum bottles for you to purchase, so you can start living that plastic-free lifestyle!

Where to Buy Aluminum Water Bottles: Top 10 Stores and Brands

  1. My Own Water

Our home brand provides crisp and fresh water through our BPA-free aluminum water bottles! My Own Water can customize your packaging to personalize your aluminum water bottles, perfect for those restaurants and offices that need a little pizzazz in their day-to-day operations while still advocating for sustainability.

My Own Water offers bottled water in multiple sizes and types, depending on your specific requirements. The company sources water from natural springs, giving their water a crisp mouthfeel and slightly sweeter taste. Aside from natural spring water, My Own Water also supplies electrolyte water, purified water, and alkaline water.

My Own Water aluminum water bottles are 100% recyclable, and can keep your water fresh from the day of bottling to the moment you drink it. Request a quote today to bring sustainability to your business through the My Own Water website!

  1. Heart Water

With its stunning packaging, and vibrant purple color, Heart Water stands out from the rest of the blue-themed bottles. The company’s advocacy is to unite communities, one bottle at a time. Heart Water, with their slogan Pour your Heart out,dedicates 23% of their profits to improve the lives of children suffering from disease, poverty, and addiction.

Through their business, the company aims to create a ripple effect of empathy for the community. They supply their bottles in packs of 6 or 12, and are available in 16oz and 23.9oz bottles. Their prices range from $35 for the 16oz pack of 6, to $60 for a 12-pack 23.9oz.

  1. Open Water

Open Water offers bottled water in both aluminum bottles, and aluminum cans. The women-owned business is Climate Neutral certified as the company advocates for keeping the oceans clean and plastic-free. 

The company offers bottled water and canned water in your choice of still or sparkling, and with or without added electrolytes. Their bottled water starts at $20.99 per case of 12, while their more affordable canned water costs $17.99 per case of 12.

  1. RAIN Water

Better For You, Better For The Planet - RAIN Water bottles their pure, natural spring water in aluminum bottles ready for the average consumer to take home and enjoy the crisp, clean taste of mountain spring water! The company encourages the reuse of their bottles, so customers can refill their bottles as much as they want.

RAIN Water is eco-friendly from the moment the water is collected from their protected natural spring, to the day it arrives on your doorstep in eco-friendly, plastic-free cardboard packaging. From cloud to can, bottling their water requires no mechanical energy and relies on natural forces to extract the water from natural springs.

  1. Pathwater

Still, sparkling, or alkaline, Pathwater bottles up their water in aluminum bottles to keep the water fresh at no cost to the environment. Their aluminum water bottles were made to be refilled, reusable, and recyclable so consumers can continue to drink to their heart’s content without worrying about environmental or health impacts.

The company has partnered with events, hotels, and national parks to spread their advocacy of environmental protection through their aluminum water bottles. The company also partners up with non-profit organizations, like the Muscular Dystrophy Association and TenTree, to bring awareness to different issues in society.

  1. Alkaline88

Alkaline88 started off offering bottled water in the typical plastic bottles, but has since moved onto more eco-friendly ventures with their aluminum bottled water. The company is known for their fruity flavoured alkaline water, but is now supplying aluminum bottled water in packs of 24 at $47.99 per case.

Their aluminum bottled water is not just any alkaline water, but the beverage is infused with Pink Himalayan Rock Salt and electrolytes in their purified ionized water. The company claims their bottles are 100% recyclable, so disposing them in recycling facilities is not a challenge. They accept a subscription basis, which will deliver a case at your doorstep each month!

  1. AQUAhydrate

Like Alkaline88, AQUAhydrate started off supplying water in plastic bottles. However, due to customer feedback and feedback from their social media communities, the company rolled out their new packaging: aluminum water bottles!

The company is geared towards consumers with active lifestyles, supplying water with 2x more electrolytes than leading brands for the ultimate workout drink. The company claims their water enhances consumers’ active lifestyles, and keeps them guilt-free with their new eco-friendly aluminum water bottles.

  1. CW4K

CW4K, or Canned Water 4 Kids, is a non-profit organization that advocates for the cleanliness of the oceans and environment from plastic, and the support for clean water initiatives to poverty-stricken communities around the world. 

The company puts 95% of their profits into their advocacies, bringing safe and potable water to children all over the world that do not have access to clean water. Consumers can choose from still or sparkling water, and every sale supports the company initiative to make access to clean water a right, not a privilege!

  1. Amazon

Amazon is the biggest online retail company in the world, and it supplies multiple different types of aluminum water bottles from various sources. For those who prefer to order only one or two reusable aluminum bottles, Amazon may be your best bet. 

A quick search on Amazon also brings up brands like Open Water and Pathwater, which have resale channels in the platform to bring aluminum bottled water to consumers in an effective and modern way. However, do note that these companies have no liabilities for damaged goods, so best to buy directly from the source.

  1. Target

Target has a wide range of durable, reusable, and kid-friendly aluminum water bottles that are available both in-store and online. Target typically only sells bottles without water, but if the bottle is all you’re looking for, then Target is a convenient place to purchase aluminum bottles. 

You can head over to your local Target to view their range of aluminum bottles in person, or go online and shop in their eCommerce store to choose from their huge catalog. Keep in mind that Target only sells the bottle, without the water. Though depending on your area, Target may sell aluminum bottled water from a supplier’s brand from this list like Heart Water or RAIN Water.

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