How Long Does Cold Water Last In An Aluminum Water Bottle?

August 29, 2022
Water Bottles

These days, insulated tumblers are heralded as great alternatives to plastic bottles. A prime example is the classic aluminum bottle that’s widely considered to be a terrific alternative to plastic, and can be turned into water bottles that can store your water cold or warm as you need.

But how long does aluminum keep your drink cold? In this article, we look into just how everyone’s favorite reusable water bottle is good at preserving the cool and refreshing condition of our drinks that we’ve all come to know and love.

How Long Does Water Keep Cold in an Aluminum Water Bottle?

The quick answer is - it depends. An aluminum water bottle can be kept cold or warm depending on your preference, but how long an aluminum water bottle keeps a drink cold compared to plastic water bottles of stainless steel water bottles is dependent on internal and external forces. 

Aluminum is known to reflect away heat radiation, meaning that it takes longer for heat to transfer through an aluminum material. This can be seen in cases where aluminum foil is used to keep baked goods from burning in the oven, while keeping the insides properly cooked. 

Stainless steel bottles are typically double-wall insulated to keep the external temperature from affecting the internal temperature. For aluminum bottles with only one layer of insulation, the temperature change time may differ depending on the weather.

As a general rule, most double insulated tumblers can keep drinks cold for 12 hours, while aluminum water bottles can keep a drink cold for 3-6 hours depending on the room temperature and other external forces. Plastic bottles can only keep drinks cool for 45 minutes, so there is already an improvement with temperature control in an aluminum bottle.

The Best Aluminum Water Bottles to Keep Water Cold For a Long Time

Some of the best aluminum bottles keep your water cold for hours at a time. Some of these reusable water bottles may keep drinks cold as long as stainless steel bottles do, and adding ice cubes into the water bottle may keep your drink cold longer. We've included both disposable bottles and tumblers in our list to fit the lifestyles of any consumer. 

Ditch those plastic bottles and get yourself an aluminum, or stainless steel water bottle instead. You'll keep your drinks cold longer, and just as portable than any plastic bottle or most glass bottles. A sustainable way to have cold water anytime!

My Own Water

My Own Water supplies customized aluminum bottled water to businesses and companies nationwide. Their aluminum bottled water can keep your drinks cold for extended periods of time, especially when you freeze or add ice cubes into the water bottle. 

Unlike stainless steel bottles that are meant to be reused, the My Own Water bottle is made for disposing or reusing as the consumer sees fit. Upon disposal, the My Own Water bottle would simply go together with the recycling, ready to be made into a new batch of water bottles!

Enjoy your ice-cold drink anytime, anywhere with a My Own Water bottle, and rest assured that you made the environmentally friendly choice for your company, restaurant, or business.

Heart Water

Heart is a fitting name for this company, as the brand dedicates 23% of their profits to help children in impoverished nations battle disease and addiction. Their water comes from fresh rainwater that has been through purifying processes to make it alkaline. 

The company has both bottled water and canned water packaged in aluminum materials. The aluminum packaging keeps the water cold as they are placed in fridges in retail outlets. A water bottle from Heart Water can comfortably keep a drink cold for approximately 2-3 hours indoors during temperate weather.


24Bottles is a supplier of various types of insulated tumblers that are perfect for cold or hot drinks. The company is based in Italy, but delivers to areas all around the world so anyone can get themselves a water bottle from 24Bottles. They also supply food jars, insulated cups, and accessories.

The name 24 comes from the promise that their bottles keep drinks cold for 24 hours, and hot drinks hot for 12 hours. In terms of reusable tumblers, 24Bottles has a wide variety of styles available with some meant for kids, sports, and other specialty categories. 

Coleman Aluminum Bottle

The Coleman aluminum bottle has been showing up on lists again and again as some of the best water bottles to keep drinks cold. Lightweight, durable, and perfect to bring on hiking trips, the Coleman water bottle is perfect for those who love the great outdoors, and enjoys an ice-cool, refreshing drink of water under the midday sun.

A great lifehack for this water bottle is to fill the bottle up halfway, then turn the bottle to the side and store in the freezer the night before you plan to take it with you on your hiking trip. The next morning, the water should have frozen. Simply fill the rest of the bottle up with water, and you'll have an icy-cool beverage to last you through the hike!

SIGG Aluminum Traveller Water Bottle

The SIGG water bottle isn't double-wall insulated - it's made from one entire piece of thickened aluminum from top to bottom! The thick walls of the tumbler keeps your drink cool longer, and the minimalist aesthetic of the SIGG bottle keeps you in style as you proceed through your camping trip or simply your day-to-day activities.

Add ice cubes into your SIGG water bottle for a longer-lasting cool feeling, or keep hot drinks in your tumbler during those cold winter months. In any case, the SIGG Aluminum Traveller Water Bottle is great for on-the-go hydrating.

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