Why You Should Never Leave Bottled Water In Cars

August 29, 2022
Water Bottles

Staying hydrated is an important factor in keeping the body cool and refreshed all day.  Since most of us live a fast-paced lifestyle, we take water with us everywhere we go — from the office, school, gym, supermarket, and even in our own cars — in an attempt to stay hydrated on a regular basis. But while this is a nice habit that should always be encouraged, keeping water bottles in cars can do more harm than good when it comes to your health. In this article, we discuss the different reasons on why you should never leave bottled water in the car.



When exposed to heat, single-use water bottles that are made from polyethylene terephthalate or PET plastic are considered to leach different harmful chemicals such as BPA and antimony.  In a 2014 study conducted at the University of Florida, it was found that 16 different plastic bottles had increased antimony levels after being left in a car for a month.

Another study conducted in 2007 by the Arizona State University found that warmer seasons led to higher instances of antimony leaching in bottled water. This not only included cars but garage spaces and other enclosed areas as well. However, it is worth noting that the International Bottled Water Association has also challenged the 2014 study, saying that this doesn’t exactly pose a health risk to people.


Once exposed to prolonged hot temperatures, bottled water can begin altering the taste of the water itself. This is because when you start heating things up, the molecules in the area start to jiggle around faster, making them escape from one phase into another. With heat applied to it, the plastic bottle leaches its components of chemicals into the water at a much faster and grander rate.


The topic of leaving plastic water bottles in cars has long been the source of debate among researchers and academic groups and associations in the bottled water industry. While practicing this habit isn’t necessarily fatal or a grave danger to your health, it still pays to practice caution and heed to different warnings about why doing it might not be the best idea.

Instead, you can always grab your plastic water bottle with you wherever you go — this way you can ensure that it doesn’t stay warm in the car for a long period of time and you get to drink or sip from it anytime you want to.

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