Best Brands of Bottled Water With Electrolytes

August 29, 2022
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We've all heard that electrolytes are essential to hydration, which is why we load up our sports drinks with Gatorade, and we feed our kids Pedialyte. While both contain the essential minerals needed to replenish lost fluids, they also contain added sugars, salts, and food coloring that aren't good for the body with prolonged consumption.

The better option is to go with purified water with added electrolytes, or spring water that contains natural minerals and electrolytes. These offer the added minerals, without being laden with sugars, flavorings, and other unhealthy additives. All you're getting is the smooth taste of pure, clean water, and the benefits of electrolytes.

Why Are Electrolytes Essential to the Body?

Electrolytes are minerals found and formed naturally, and our bodies need them to balance the pH levels in the body, deliver hydration to the different organs, and aid in cell regeneration. As we move, go about our daily activities, and exercise, we lose a lot of these nutrients when our body uses them up.

Electrolyte water is the healthy alternative to those sugary sports drinks. This type of water either has naturally-occurring electrolytes straight from the water source, or electrolytes added via a precision combination of much-needed nutrients. We've bottled your water up to make it convenient for you to drink your electrolytes, and for an on-the-go hydration!

The 8 Best Bottled Water with Electrolytes

#1 My Own Water Electrolyte Water and Natural Spring Water

My Own Water Electrolyte Water contains the essential minerals like potassium, calcium, and remineralized magnesium sulfate that replenishes what your body loses in everyday activities. More than just hydrating your system, our electrolyte water provides your body the nutrition it needs to repair cells, bring oxygen around the body, and protect organs from damage.

Our naturally filtered spring water comes straight from the source, and preserves the trace minerals, salts, and nutrients from the earth. Magnesium sulfate, calcium chloride, and potassium bicarbonate provide a unique hydration without overpowering the refreshing taste of our natural spring water. We also provide aluminum or recyclable plastic bottles!

#2 Essentia Bottled Water

Essentia Bottled Water is purified through reverse osmosis and a microfiltration process, which removes the impurities of the water, leaving a crisp, clear water with a smooth taste. The filtration process removes the bitter-tasting acidic ions, but keeps an optimal blend of electrolytes for the best possible hydration.

#3 Evian Natural Spring Water

Evian Natural Spring Water may not be advertised as an electrolyte water, but it contains naturally occurring electrolytes that remain in the water even after the filtration process. As a famous bottled water brand, Evian does not falter from the list with its naturally electrolyte-enhanced water from the French Alps surrounded by pine trees.

#4 Core Hydration

Core Hydration is geared towards those with an active lifestyle, and is both convenient and effective in hydrating the body. This alkaline water helps you replenish with an optimal combination of minerals to keep the pH balance in your body!

#5 VitaminWater

VitaminWater is known for their flavored waters with brightly-colored bottles creating the face of the brand. However, they also have some of the best bottled water with added electrolytes, and have no sugars or calories. It also contains added Vitamins B5, B6, B12​​, and C.

#6 Glaceau Smartwater

Glaceau Smartwater is filtered via distillation, and has electrolytes like potassium, magnesium, and calcium to keep the body going throughout daily activities! The flavor is described as crisp and pure - a refreshing way to hydrate.

#7 Propel

Propel is backed by the Gatorade Sports Science Institute - so they know their electrolytes. Available in 11 different flavors, the water contains no sugar, yet provides a pleasant flavor that would get any picky eater drinking water. Propel is the perfect hydration for those on a diet, and for after workout replenishing as it contains no calories.

#8 blk.

blk. alkaline water is a fulvic-enhanced mineral water that is all-natural, and contains fulvic acid, humic acid and other minerals from deep within the earth. The water has powerful electrolytes to replenish your system, particularly after a heavy workout. It is also a highly alkaline water meant to balance the pH levels in your body.

Drink Up!

When choosing your bottled water, pick one that is suitable for your lifestyle. Alkaline water and purified water are great for everyday activities, while more active lifestyles can benefit from electrolyte bottled waters. Don't forget to drink water everyday!

Choose My Own Water, and checksp through our product pages to learn more!

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