Best Bottled Spring Water Brands

August 29, 2022
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What is Natural Spring Water?

Spring water is drinking water with naturally-occurring electrolytes that come from underground sources that naturally filter the water. Unlike tap water, spring water has minimal to no treatment or processing, so natural bottled water comes straight from the source to consumers.

Most bottled water brands process spring water into vapor-distilled water, reverse osmosis water, and even volcanic rock water, but these are no longer considered naturally-filtered. Spring water should come straight from the source, and bottled without chemical treatments or processing to provide pure, natural bottled waters.

Benefits of Natural Spring Water

Like mineral water, spring water contains trace amounts of dissolved solids that give a mineral flavor to the water, as well as some health benefits. Spring water is said to be water in its most natural form, as it undergoes little to no treatments to preserve the natural elements in the water.

5 Best Bottled Water Brands for Natural Spring Water

#1 My Own Water Spring Water

The My Own Water Spring Water variety comes from protected springs in Mt. Palomar, CA, and abides by the regulations set by the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) to maintain the highest-quality of bottled water that is naturally-filtered in a 5-step process.

The end result is pure bottled water with a smooth taste that retains the amount of naturally-occurring minerals. The My Own Water bottled water brand provides spring water in both PET plastic bottles as well as aluminum bottled water for sustainable options. We deliver the highest-quality, best-tasting water that is completely natural and healthful!

#2 Alkawonder Naturally-Alkaline Water

The Aklawonder alkaline water is naturally-alkaline. The company sources its water from Romania, where the Carpathian Mountains creates naturally-alkaline water with a pH level of 9.4 - one of the highest in all alkaline water bottle brands.

While the water has a slightly bitter taste, it is said to promote a number of health benefits from digestive health, to heart health and blood pressure management. Key minerals in Alkawonder water include magnesium, calcium, and bicarbonate among others.

#3 Evian Spring Water

Evian bottled water has mainstream significance due to its lavish price, but the natural water is just water that is naturally harvested from French alps. As the water travels through the rock formations, dissolved minerals are carried through the stream and into bottled water as the company harvests the spring water.

The water is high in minerals and electrolytes due to its source, and is said to have a crisp taste with a smooth finish that rivals other brands of bottled waters. The water travels through the alps for 15 years, creating a highly-mineral water that contains more total dissolved solids than tap water.

#4 Flow Alkaline Spring Water

Flow Alkaline Spring Water is sourced directly from naturally-alkaline springs in Verona, Virginia. The water contains traces of calcium, bicarbonate, and magnesium that form as the water trickles through limestone deposits, filtering out any undesirable residue.

The bottled water brand is treated with an ultraviolet light before packaging, so consumers can be sure their water is completely void of any microorganisms that may be present in the natural spring. The packaging is also 100% recyclable, and is made of mostly recycled materials.

#5 Poland Spring Naturally-filtered Water

Poland Spring Bottled Water contains the subtle aroma of pine trees, sources from pine tree-lined springs around Maine. The name comes from Poland, Maine, where the main sources of water are Poland Spring and Garden Spring.

The bottled water features a crisp taste with a subtle hint of the pleasant forest. It contains natural electrolytes, and naturally-occurring minerals. The brand has been providing consumers with natural water since 1845, and rivals the likes of Dasani and Mountain Valley Spring.

The Best Bottled Water Brand

For pure, natural water, always check the source of the brand. Bottled tap water can be sold as spring water, which may not contain any traces of mineral content from natural springs. You can be assured of the quality of bottled water sold at My Own Water, as we provide only the purest and most natural versions of the bottled water!

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