Brands of Bottled Water That Are Reverse Osmosis

August 29, 2022
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What is Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse osmosis, or RO water, is bottled water that undergoes a filtration process to remove miniscule impurities in the water. This purification process is called the reverse osmosis filtration as it uses pressure to filter out impurities, allowing only the purified water to pass through a semipermeable filter.

For instance, reverse osmosis water may be filtered by passing fresh water through a semipermeable membrane, and applying high pressure to a solution on the concentrated side of the filter. This pressure is what triggers the reverse osmosis, and water molecules are forced through the membrane to the fresh water side.

Is Reverse Osmosis Bottled Water Safe to Drink?

Reverse osmosis bottled water is completely safe to drink, especially as it uses no chemicals or additives to cleanse the water. The filtration process does not leave any traces of residue behind, and it does not leach any toxic chemicals into the water. Reverse osmosis water passes through a filter of anywhere between 1 micron to 20 micro filtration, creating purified water.

Reverse osmosis drinking water is a popular choice as it is void of any additives or mineral deposits. The reverse osmosis purification process produces water in its pure form, with a crisp taste and clean, smooth finish.

Top 5 Brands for Reverse Osmosis Bottled Water

#1 My Own Water

My Own Water produces our own variety of RO water using a reverse osmosis, carbon filtration process, and micron filtration system to purify water. Our drinking water is safe and is one of the highest-quality, best-tasting purified drinking water in the market.

Plus, we offer sustainable alternatives to our consumers, delivering RO water in recyclable PET plastic water bottles, as well as aluminum reusable bottles. Our drinking water is harvested from protected sources, and is guaranteed safer than tap water!

#2 Propel Water

Propel Water bottles their drinking water after a reverse osmosis filtration system that adds electrolytes into the bottled water. With a near neutral pH of 6.9, Propel Water is perfect for hydration on the go, especially with their jet-squeeze bottles for a one-hand operation!

Propel Water also contains traces of vitamin B6, B, and E in their bottled water to replenish lost minerals from exercise. The RO water brand is suitable for post-workout hydration, as well as hydration during hiking and strenuous activities.

#3 Dasani Water

Dasani Water is the bottled water brand operating under Coca-cola. The reverse osmosis water company delivers both purified bottled water, and flavored water for a sweeter option. The reverse osmosis water contains sodium and trace minerals to enrich the taste of the water, as well as its health benefits.

Dasani bottled water is sold in both plastic bottles and aluminum cans, and is often available in most consumer stores. Coca-cola also announced that they source Dasani bottled water from tap water, treating the municipal water with reverse osmosis and adding trace minerals to the tap water.

#4 Aquafina Water

The main competitor of Dasani, Aquafina Water is the bottled water arm of Pepsico. The reverse osmosis water contains a total dissolved solids score of 4, which is much lower than the average for mineral water. The brand removes all traces of minerals through the reverse osmosis process, leaving only pure, bottled water.

Aquafina sells their bottled water in both plastic bottles and aluminum bottles to reduce their environmental impact. The brand also sells flavored water also treated via reverse osmosis before adding natural and artificial flavors to the bottled water.

#5 Essentia Water

Essentia Water is an alkaline RO bottled water that has a 9.5 pH level - much higher than municipal or tap water! The alkalinity of their bottled water is said to provide some health benefits, and the RO filtration process removes as much impurities and harmful chemicals from the water as possible. The water is then supercharged with added electrolytes.

Essentia Water is an ionized alkaline water, and is helpful in replenishing lost moisture and minerals after strenuous activities. Its refreshing taste is favored by consumers, and this contaminant free water is said to maintain the body's pH levels.

Drinking Bottled Water

The purity of bottled water matters when it comes to choosing your bottled water companies. My Own Water bottled water undergoes a multi-stage filtration system that completely removes any impurities, so you can be assured you're drinking only the freshest, and highest quality water!

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