Are Aluminum Water Bottles Safe To Use?

August 29, 2022
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With a growing number of people turning to more sustainable options, reusable water bottles have been on the rise. People across the world are starting to realize how much waste they can save by choosing a reusable bottle over a single-use, plastic one.

While some people have opted to buy sturdy plastic bottles that can be used over and over again, more and more people are shifting to buying aluminum bottles as these are more eco-friendly. However, aluminum doesn't really sound like something you'd want to have in your body. Many people ask, "Are aluminum water bottles really safe?"

There's a lot of concern in regards to over-exposing oneself to aluminum. Prolonged exposure to increasing amounts of aluminum could pose some health risks, including neurotoxicity of the brain's barrier. So does that mean we should pass on buying that aluminum container in the store?

The short answer is: no, you don't need to. In general, aluminum is safe, as it's abundantly present in the environment, there is no health risk that accompanies drinking out of an aluminum water bottle. Aluminum itself doesn't have a high toxicity level, and the aluminum in water bottles less so. The next section of this article will explain the safety of aluminum water bottles more thoroughly.


Concerns regarding aluminum water bottles have less to do with the actual aluminum and more to do with the other materials that make the bottles. With all the talk and discussion surrounding the question of safety in aluminum bottles, one term often stands out: BPA.


BPA stands for Bisphenol-A, a chemical that's frequently used in the manufacturing of food containers. BPA is a common ingredient in these products as it's used to create stronger, sturdier plastic. However, BPA is not present in all plastic types. As a matter of fact, it has never been present in Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic, which is commonly used in majority of plastic bottles in the market.

Ralph Vasami, executive director of the PET Resin Association (PETRA), also guarantees PET as a safe plastic material and clarifies the confusion over polycarbonate and polyethylene terephthalate (PET). "We want the public to know that PET doesn't contain any BPA and never has. Although the names of the two plastics may sound somewhat similar, they are chemically different," he says.

Additionally, there have been a lot of conflicting reports about Bisphenol-A or BPA over the years. Numerous legislators and groups have called for its ban in different materials over fears of health-related issues that can prove dangerous. However, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and several international health authorities have since ruled that BPA is indeed safe.

However, if caution remains at the top of your mind more than anything, you can still proceed by only considering aluminum water bottles lined with BPA-free epoxy resins. Having a lined aluminum water bottle will prevent the occurrence of corrosion, a possible health risk that you would want to avoid.


1. They're environmentally friendly and consume less energy

If you want to be a responsible citizen of the world, you need to reduce, reuse, and recycle. With all the statistics surrounding the earth's mounting environmental issues, reducing your waste is one of the everyday things you can do that'll help the planet tremendously.

Since aluminum contains 3x more recycled content than any other beverage container, buying and using one can be extremely beneficial and effective in reducing environmental waste. Additionally, emissions associated with transporting and producing aluminum are 7-21% lower than plastic bottles and 35-49% lower than glass bottles, making it a huge energy and power saver.

2. They're a huge money saver

According to statistics, you can save almost a hundred US dollars a month just by using a reusable container. This is because, with the bottle, you no longer need to purchase water or other drinks in single-use bottles. These drinks don't just include bottled water, but also your daily coffee from your favorite coffee shop, or a soda from a fast food chain. If you use your bottles to store these liquids, you can save much more money to be used on something else.

3. They make water taste great

Aluminum bottles are proven to hold your drink’s cold and warm temperature longer than other containers — making every sip more refreshing and better-tasting.

4. They're durable and long-lasting

Accidentally dropping a container made out of glass or other materials usually has disastrous effects—broken glass, spilled liquids, etc. However, when you drop an aluminum bottle, the worst thing that might happen is that you'll dent your container a bit. Usually, these containers are made to be shock-resistant and in some cases, scratch-resistant as well.

5. They're resealable and unlikely to spill

This type of water bottle always comes with secure caps that make it unlikely for liquids to spill in your bag. You can just toss your water bottles in your bag and go without worrying about spillage!


With the number of benefits associated with the production and usage of aluminum water bottles, it’s hard to think of a reason why it shouldn’t be at the top of your list for your next beverage container purchase.

Making the informed decision when choosing the best water bottle for you is very important. That’s why you’ll want to choose a trusted beverage company that’s transparent with its entire manufacturing process. At the end of the day, your health and lifestyle should always take the top priority.

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