10 Best Alkaline Water Brands You Can Get in 2022

August 29, 2022
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They say alkaline water is the best type of water you can drink for your body's pH levels. Most drinking water has a neutral to slightly acidic pH level, which attributes to its somewhat tart taste. Alkaline water is meant to balance your body's pH level by countering the acidity we get from eating meat-rich and high sodium diets. 

Many people tend to believe that alkaline water will help remove the symptoms of acid reflux, as well as deliver hydration and oxygen throughout our bodies much faster than other types of water. Regardless of what you believe, hydration is essential for everyone, as we need to hydrate to keep our body functioning properly.

Here are the top ten alkaline water brands of 2022, and why you should consider drinking alkaline water for its benefits! Choose one or the other based on your preferences, or buy in bulk for a cost-effective hydration supply in your homes and businesses! 

10 Best Alkaline Water Brands For 2022

BODYARMOR Sportwater Alkaline Water

Because most active lifestyles require a protein-rich diet, which includes large amounts of meat, beans, or legumes as a protein source, individuals with sporty lifestyles often feel acidic. BODYARMOR Sportwater alkaline water was made with the highest pH level out of any alkaline water brand.

BODYARMOR Sportwater presents an alkalinity of 9 on the pH scale, sometimes higher. The water also has added electrolytes for the gym buffs on the go, and is designed with an easy-flip lid for convenience. However, many consumers suggest that the high alkalinity may cause gastrointestinal problems, and that the lid may be broken on some bottles. 

Smartwater Alkaline Water

Smartwater is known as a convenience store water brand, and sells different types of water with varying additives and specialties. Possibly the most popular and known brand in this list, Smartwater supplies alkaline water as well. 

Smartwater has a slightly different taste compared to other brands, as the distillation process produces a crisp, clear water that is then added with minerals to make the water alkaline. This gives a slightly bitter taste, but as the water is not fluoride-free, it may have a mineral taste as well. 

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water

If you're looking for a brand that is only slightly alkaline, then Waiakea Hawaiian Water tops the charts. Registering a 8.2 on the pH scale, this brand is essentially tap water that is processed with added minerals for its alkalinity. This volcanic filtered water is certified carbon neutral, and the company donates water to drought-heavy areas.

Bai Antioxidant Alkaline Water

Bai antioxidant water boasts electrolyte-filled water, but its alkalinity is only slightly above the neutral pH, registering at 7.5. While the brand endorses itself as vegan and kosher, it may be a bit of a stretch for a water brand to have those claims. Still, the brand is the only one with added Selenium, a known remedy for all sorts of deficiencies.

My Own Water Alkaline Water

Of course, no list is complete without the top B2B water brand, My Own Water. My Own Water produces several types of bottled water: from natural spring water to mineral water, and even bottled alkaline water. My Own Water is customizable, and is perfect for companies looking to include alkaline bottled water into their menu. 

Plus, the company also offers non-plastic bottles made with aluminum or other materials. These eco-friendly options are great for areas with active plastic bans, as well as organizations looking into sustainable options for their products. My Own Water alkaline waters also have a neutral taste, but contain the minerals needed for proper alkalinity.

The Alkaline Water Company

The Alkaline Water Company, with its subsidiary Alkaline88 Water, filters their water through reverse osmosis technology. Electrolytes, Himalayan sea salt, and essential minerals are added into the water after it has gone through the reverse osmosis process, which gives the water a slightly metallic taste. 

The price of Alkaline88 Water is potentially the lowest in this list, and the water itself boasts a high alkalinity of 8.5 to 8.8 on the pH scale. The company ensures a Deliciously Smooth taste, albeit slightly salty due to its added components, which some consumers claim warrants them to drink more.

H2U Watercare Alkaline Water

At 8+ pH, H2U Watercare provides moderately alkaline minerals in their water that claim to balance your body's pH, as well as strengthen your respiratory and immune system. The B2B brand focuses on promoting their water with superior hydration and detoxification abilities, but is generally a standard brand of alkaline beverages. 

Tahoe Springs Alkaline Water

Tahoe Springs alkaline water is called the 'Best Alkaline Water in Las Vegas," and its popularity has recently increased as more consumers shifted to drinking alkaline water instead of mineral or distilled water. Similar to BODYARMOR Sportwater, Tahoe Springs water registers a pH level of 9 to 9.5, making the water highly alkaline, and may give a metallic taste.

However, there are reservations for drinking highly alkaline beverages daily, as water with high alkalinity may kill off the bacteria necessary for your gut health. The higher the pH level, the less frequent you should drink the water. 

Flow Alkaline Spring Water

The number one selling point of Flow brand alkaline spring water is its eco-friendly packaging. The packaging is done similarly to fruit juice boxes and Tetra-paks, but with flavored or unflavored water as its contents. Flow aims to uplift hydration with flavored options, while providing a naturally alkaline drink rich in minerals. The price point of this brand, however, is quite high.

Icelandic Glacial Natural Spring Alkaline Water

Icelandic glacial natural spring water is naturally alkaline, with the water sourced from springs that contain the minerals and nutrients that create alkaline waters. The natural minerals in these springs, such as calcium, potassium, bicarbonate, and more, makes the water naturally alkaline without needing to manually add minerals into the water.

The Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water

While the benefits of ingesting alkaline food and drinks are subject to research and studies, many consumers believe that keeping an alkaline diet helps with various deficiencies, ailments, and overall promotes a healthier lifestyle. The supposed benefits of alkaline beverages are as follows:

  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Regulates blood sugar
  • Boosts immunity
  • Replenishes lost nutrients
  • Remedies nutrient deficiencies
  • Remedies acidity in the gut
  • Slows down aging
  • Promotes healthy organs
  • Delivers oxygen and hydration throughout the body

Picking the Perfect Alkaline Water Brand

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to picking the perfect water brand. Alkaline waters should maintain a pH between 8 to 9.5, even as the water has been bottled, stored, and drank. Always check labels for proper information, and steer clear of brands that claim to be alkaline, but miss out on the right alkalinity.

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