10 Ways to Improve Your Office Recycling

August 29, 2022

What is an Office Recycling Program?

An office recycling program helps you to have a guide while doing the office recycling, and helps to encourage employees to recycle. You can highlight specific aspects of your office where you think an office recycling program would be beneficial, such as the pantry, supplies area, and individual cubicles. 

By creating an office recycling program, you encourage your coworkers to make considerations for the environment as they go about their workdays. There are plenty of templates and guides online that can help you get started, or you can follow our tips below on ways to recycle in the office.

10 Ways to Recycle in the Office

It’s 2021, and we’re still not sure how, what, and where to recycle our items. Almost every guide and blog online says one thing then gets contradicted by another. It’s confusing, but important; so we understand how you might be hesitant to start an office recycling program. 

We’ve compiled 10 ways for you to recycle in the office, so you can confidently start that office recycling program, and get your coworkers on board!

Create an office recycling program.

Tailor your office recycling program to suit your office. If you are having waste management problems in the communal pantry, then you should consider focusing on that area first. If your supplies are constantly depleted, and you think your office can minimize waste and cut on supplies usage, then you can suggest ways to minimize plastic waste

Your office recycling program can also include a point system and a prize for different departments to bring out the competitive side of people, and get your coworkers to be more serious about recycling around the office. 

Have centralized office recycling bins within distance of common areas.

As part of your office recycling program, encourage the use of recycling bins strategically placed around common areas for easier disposal and recycling collection. Centralized recycling bins make it easier to collect the recycling from the office, and employees are encouraged to recycle properly. 

 Keep your food waste receptacles separate, and keep wet wastes away from dry waste for easier segregation and waste management. Have individual office recycling bins in cubicles only if employees can be expected to empty their bins in the centralized bins for recycling collection. 

Make a list of recyclable items.

Unsure of what can be recycled and what is residual trash? Keep the trash cans for residual waste and recycling bins clearly separate to encourage recycling. Make a list of what can go into which recycling bin or waste receptacles, and place a sign over at eye level where everyone can see. This makes it easier for everyone to know what can and can’t be recycled.

Encourage using personal tumblers instead of coffee cups.

Paper coffee cups are not recyclable, and styrofoam cups are even more harmful to the environment. Opt instead for everyone to bring their own cups, mugs, and tumblers into the office for an eco-friendly way to start the day!

Introduce aluminum water bottles instead of plastic.

Aluminum is a highly recyclable material, and stays pure after each recycling unlike plastic. We all need portable sources of water, and sometimes it’s just not practical to have your personal tumbler around. For instance, you don’t provide water to clients and visitors using your personal tumbler or communal mugs.

Introduce the use of aluminum water bottles instead of plastic, and get people recycling this material too! You can customize your aluminum water bottles to show your brand, as well as a recycling guide. When you want to bring an eco-friendly packaging to your office, My Own Water is here for you to continue your recycling journey!

Put up signs on proper waste management.

The recycling program is already so confusing, and expecting employees to remember everything while doing their daily tasks might be too much to handle. Put up signs with recycling tips so employees know proper waste management. Place these signs near where people can see them often, such as the break room and the office supplies closet. 

Use apps and softwares for the paperless route.

Recycled paper may be doing the environment a favour, but for the truly eco-friendly route, get your office to go paperless! Use apps and softwares instead of paper, and communicate with coworkers to do the same. Send files through email instead, and use Slack or other workspace apps to streamline conversations and tasks. You can save up on company money too!

Use an app for tips on recycling, and track your progress.

Our cell phones are amazing gadgets - they are portable and can be used in a plethora of cases. Download a recycling app for you and your coworkers, so everyone is on the same page when it comes to office recycling. You can also track your progress, and reach milestones as a group to segregate waste and recycling!

Introduce recycling even in team building activities.

Introduce recycling awareness even in your team building activities as you get your company to consider the environmental impact of waste items. This can be done as simple as challenging employees to make decor from recycled materials, or get everyone involved in recycling streams as your team building and volunteering!

Get everyone on board!

Recycling doesn’t have to end in the office. Business recycling programs often end after the office has closed, but to get the full impact of the recycling process, employees must continue the program. Encourage employees to start their own recycling programs at home by providing them with the essential kits and tools that they need to start.

Our Takeaway

Office recycling can take more steps than just throwing your trash away in the same receptacle, or using paper instead of plastic when purchasing supplies, but it is essential to the welfare of our environment. 

One of the simplest ways to start recycling around the office is to make use of recyclable materials like fabrics, glass, and aluminum in place of everyday items like paper towels, disposable cups, and plastic bottles, respectively. 

When you’re ready to make the switch to a greener office environment, we at My Own Water are here and ready to provide you with quality potable water, and our latest in eco-friendly tech: aluminum water bottles. Check out our website to see how you can cut on carbon emissions!

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