What Is The Best Temperature For Drinking Water?

August 30, 2022
Fitness & Lifestyle

Which is better to drink: cold or hot water? While these two drinking temperatures couldn’t be any different in terms of pressure and intensity, both have been proven to offer a great deal of advantages for the human body. From helping better digestion to promoting fast metabolism to curing normal illnesses, we look at the different benefits of drinking cold and hot water.


  1. Routine - On a normal day filled with your regular routines, it’s recommended that you drink cold water over hot water. To be exact, only drink cold water with temperature levels between 50 and 72 degrees to allow your body to absorb the liquid more quickly and let you rehydrate faster.
  2. Digestion - If you want to promote fast and better digestion for your body, it’s more advisable to drink warmer temperatures of water. Drinking cold water can slow down your response to digestion, causing you to get more energy from your body to warm up the foods and liquids that have gone cold in your system.
  3. Weight Loss - While drinking either cold or hot water is acceptable when shedding off extra pounds, choosing cooler drinking temperatures is more effective in helping the body burn those dreaded calories. Cold water can burn up to 70 calories per day when regularly consumed.
  4. Fitness - Drinking cold water and hot water can both complement different types of exercise routines. If you are doing light exercises that span from cardio to basic body weight routines, it’s more advisable to drink cooler water temperatures. However, if you’re doing heavier routines such as weightlifting, then drinking room temperature to warm temperature is recommended. When it comes to overall fitness routines, whatever drinking temperature helps you function well should always remain your priority.
  5. Fever - Down with a fever? Try drinking cold water to lower your body temperature and help your body to recover. In times of fever and physical distress, the body takes a lot more beating than usual; this is why it’s advisable to drink cooler water temperatures to keep the body extra hydrated and relaxed.
  6. Relaxation - If you’re looking to wind down after a long day at work, you can drink warm to hot water temperature to help you better relax. Like taking a warm bath or shower, drinking water at a similar temperature can have the same effect in soothing and easing your entire mind and body after a tiring day.


Deciding the best drinking temperature for your body should always go along with your current physical situation. Drinking cold water works best when you’re feeling a bit under the weather or extra bloated. Drinking warm water or hot water temperature on the other hand can help your body recover from tiredness and even aid digestion after every meal. Regardless of drinking temperature, what ultimately matters is staying refreshed and hydrated all day with water.

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