Different Types of Drinking Water

August 29, 2022
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Do you ever think about the water you're drinking? Not all types of drinking water taste the same or have the same quality. Some may have added flavors or infusions to make the drink more palatable, while others include naturally occurring minerals said to have some health benefits.

The 8 Types of Drinking Water

1. Tap Water

Depending on where you live, tap water is a clean and purified source of drinking water that most people can consume. Also called municipal water, tap water is sourced from lakes, rivers, and large reservoirs, and is then treated through a filtration system, and disinfected to remove any harmful bacteria or pathogens.

2. Mineral Water

Mineral water is drinking water with beneficial minerals added to the beverage, said to improve the health and immune system. Mineral water can be collected from natural springs, but most bottled mineral water is treated with reverse osmosis, and the minerals are added after purification.

The big difference between purified water and mineral water is that the latter is a mineral rich water that claims to have health benefits. Purified water may or may not have minerals in it depending on the source and purification treatment of the water, but mineral water must have 1,500 milligrams of total dissolved minerals per liter of water.

3. Distilled Water

Distilled water is drinking water that goes through the distillation process to remove impurities. To do this, water is heated until boiling. The steam is then collected as condensation, and cooled to create distilled water. Distilled water is sometimes referred to as water in its purest form as it contains absolutely no minerals, additives, or contaminants.

4. Purified Water

Purified water generally refers to drinking water that has been processed or filtered to remove microbes, dirt, and other contaminants. The purification process removes chemicals, algae, and sediments in the water, making sure your bottled water is completely safe to drink! Purified water is one of the common types of drinking water next to tap and distilled water.

5. Alkaline Water

Drinking alkaline water is said to provide numerous benefits from improving bone health to soothing acid reflux. Alkaline water is more basic, which counteracts acidity in the body. This type of water undergoes a purification process that include infusing alkaline minerals into the water, bringing its pH level from 7 to around 8 or 9.

Water is generally neutral, while some types of water can lean towards an acidic pH level. Alkaline water is said to provide health benefits to improve bodily functions, and regulate the body's pH levels.

6. Natural Spring Water

Spring water comes from natural springs, and water is often sourced and bottled onsite, without going through a water treatment plant. That isn't to say that spring water is filthy! Rock formations in springs naturally filter the water, purifying it, and making it completely safe to drink.

Most spring water contains natural minerals as well, which are dissolved in minute amounts in drinking water. As a result, spring water may take on a salty, sweet, or sour taste depending on the dissolved solids in the water.

7. Infused Water

Infused water is a broad term that simply means something was added into drinking water. Infused water can be made from mineral water, alkaline water, or distilled water, but has added ingredients like flavorings, fruits, water enhancement products, or electrolytes.

Infused water may not always be healthy. Water infused with sugary flavorings are not healthy, as they may cause a spike in blood sugar, and can lead to health problems when consumed regularly. Other types of infused water, such as electrolyte-infused water, can support electrolyte balance in the body, often contain no sugar, and are fine to drink regularly.

8. Sparkling Water

Sparkling water can be made from any type of water: purified, distilled, or even natural mineral water. Sparkling refers to the carbonation infused in sparkling water, which is said to aid in digestion, and provide a different mouthfeel from flat water. Many gourmet restaurants prefer serving sparkling water to diners as carbonated water enhances the taste of accompanying food, thereby improving the overall dining experience.

Is the Type of Drinking Water Important?

Regardless of the water you're drinking, it is important to stay hydrated! Healthy drinking water doesn't necessarily mean the one with the most essential minerals, or infused with electrolytes. Just be sure you're drinking clean, quality water treated without chemicals or artificial additives.

Be sure with what you drink. At My Own Water, we take steps to ensure your drinking water quality is always prioritized. Our drinking water is guaranteed pure, clean, and completely healthy for you!

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