Is There Bottled Water Shortage?

August 12, 2022
Water Bottles

Is there a Water Bottle Shortage in 2022?

No, there is no water bottle shortage in 2022. However, why is it so difficult to find bottled water on grocery store shelves nowadays? The reason for the seemingly shortage in bottled water brands is the issue of supply and demand.

Bottled water is an essential item, and has increased in demand due to the recent global Covid-19 pandemic. Bottled water companies have reduced capacity and manpower due to the restrictions set by the federal government in response to the pandemic. Thus, supply has decreased while demand has increased.

Bottled water production is continuously ongoing at a reduced capacity, so while there is no water bottle shortage, it may be difficult to find preferred water brands on groceries depending on your location, the population density of your area, and a host of other factors.

Future Water Shortages

Will we have a water shortage in the future? - That will depend on the condition of our environment, as well as the global economy, in the coming decades. Climate change and environmental degradation have caused irreversible damages to our fresh water sources, polluting rivers, streams, and springs.

The state of the economy will also determine the number of bottled water manufacturers in the market, which will determine how many water bottles are available for purchase. The more costly it is to clean water from polluted sources, the less industry players will be willing to supply the world with bottled water.

While we can't foresee a shortage of bottled water in the market anytime soon, there are inevitable consequences if we cannot reverse the effects of global warming and climate change. With the continuation of environmental degradation, we may have shortages not just in our brands of bottled water, but also in our tap water sources as well.

Causes for Bottled Water Shortages

The bottled water market seemingly experiences shortages due to a number of factors from a sudden increase in demand, to economic factors. The Covid-19 pandemic has certainly rocked the foundation of many industries, and the bottled water industry is of no exception. Here are the causes for bottled water shortages:

Higher Demand

A sudden increase in demand will topple the supply and demand equilibrium as consumers clear the shelves faster than suppliers can replenish them. Thus, this creates a shortage in the supply of bottled water.

Increased demand may be due to other factors as well. They may be news of contaminants in tap water, making it unsafe to drink, or an unexpectedly hot and dry summer that consumers are increasing their hydration and water intake. Whatever the reason, a sudden increase in demand may momentarily cause a shortage in bottled water.

Lack of Water Bottlers

The lack of manpower in manufacturing plants reduces the potential supply a company can produce in a given time. Lack of manpower may be due to layoffs, a decrease in applicants, or restrictions following the Covid-19 pandemic.

Economic Factors

When the economy is down, so are the manufacturers. Companies may reduce their supplies in response to lowered profits, and lowered demands. Same goes for bottled water companies that were greatly affected by an economic recession.

Environmental Factors

Besides economic factors, environmental factors also affect water bottle supplies. Extended periods of drought, dry weather, and climate change can decrease the water supply from natural sources, causing a water shortage.

The Global Pandemic

The global pandemic caused many households to panic buy, and stock essential items in their homes as they prepare for lockdown and quarantine. Bottled water is an essential item that is portable, sanitary, and has a long expiration date. Consumers flocked to grocery stores, buying out bottled water and other essentials, as seen during the height of the pandemic in 2020.

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