What Is MiO: Is It Good or Bad for Your Health?

August 12, 2022
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MiO water enhancing products provide a flavored refreshment that may contain electrolytes and vitamins, like vitamin B3, B6, and B12, that positively affect the health, but is this liquid water enhancer good for daily intake? Here's what we know:

What is MiO?

MiO Liquid Water Enhancers, also known simply as MiO, is a brand of water enhancers that are meant to increase water intake by flavoring water with a concentrated liquid. It is sugar-free, flavored, and contains added electrolytes that claim to provide additional health benefits to the consumer.

Besides the original, MiO comes in 3 variants: MiO Vitamins, MiO Energy, and MiO Sport, which are meant to cater to different types of consumers. MiO original uses artificial sweeteners and flavors to enhance plain water, MiO Vitamins contains B vitamins for better health, MiO Energy contains caffeine, and MiO Sport is a sports drink in concentrated form.

MiO Liquid Water Enhancer
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Advantages and of MiO Liquid Water Enhancers

Makes Water Palatable

The main goal of MiO is to make water palatable. Similar to flavored water and juices, MiO-enhanced water is sweet, aromatic, and contains flavors that make drinking water more palatable. Kids and adults alike tend to favor flavored water, and MiO delivers with their easy-to-use and portable water enhancers.

Zero Fat and Zero Sugar

Plain water is not everybody's ideal beverage of choice. Water is essentially flavorless, and many consumers may favor flavored drinks like sodas and juices. However, these flavored beverages, including bottled flavored water, contain high amounts of sugar and sweeteners that can cause your blood sugar to spike.

MiO is sugar-free and calorie-free, making it an ideal water enhancer of choice for diabetics, and for consumers avoiding weight gain through sugary drinks. You get the same taste, sweetness, and visual appeal as sugary drinks, but with zero calories!

Contains Vitamins and Electrolytes

MiO contains trace amounts of vitamins and electrolytes in their Vitamin and Sport variations, respectively. These have supposed health benefits for consumers, particularly for their Sport variation that replenishes lost electrolytes for those who lead an active lifestyle.

Disadvantages of MiO Liquid Water Enhancers

Use of Artificial Sweeteners

Despite being sugar-free, the use of artificial sweeteners such as sucralose and acesulfame potassium are controversial. Some believe that sucralose and acesulfame potassium artificial sweeteners have harmful effects on health over time, and are not suitable for daily consumption. Consumers tend to prefer drinks naturally sweetened with stevia leaf extract.

Use of Food Dyes

Food dyes are also controversial. Red #40, Blue #2, and Yellow #5 are among some of the food dyes that have been linked to lymphomas and tumor growth. These are common additives in many food and beverage products, and are banned in select countries. The use of food dyes in MiO may contribute to the worsening of various health conditions.

Use of Preservatives

Besides the artificial sweetener, MiO uses propylene glycol, which is a preservative used in many food and beverage product lines. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) labels propylene glycol as a safe preservative, but excessive intake of the ingredient may cause kidney and liver failure.

Alternative Water Enhancers

Looking to flavor your water without the artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and flavorings? There are a ton of natural and healthy alternatives to flavor your water that will provide similar benefits as MiO Water Enhancers. Here are some recommended alternatives to enhance your water the healthy way:

  • Infuse fruit, herbs, and vegetables into your water for a flavored refreshment that contains added vitamins and minerals the natural way.
  • Add a pinch of Himalayan Sea Salt to your water for electrolytes.
  • Infuse herbal teas and non-caffeinated teas into your water if you're fond of drinking flavored water.
  • Drink naturally sweetened spring water for a sweet taste without the sugar, sweeteners, or calories.
  • Dissolve honey into your water for a sweet energy boost.

Is MiO Bad for You?

The main concern is: Is MiO Bad for You? Generally, no. With moderate intake, MiO liquid water enhancers are not bad for you. However, there are plenty of other drinks and healthier alternatives to flavor your water besides MiO and similar artificial water enhancers. For one, these enhancers are filled with artificial flavorings and preservatives that are not healthy.

While they may provide a more palatable experience to keep you hydrated, the best drink you can give your body is pure, clean water! At My Own Water, we add electrolytes to our bottled water for that added health benefit without those artificial sweeteners. Our natural spring water is chock full of naturally-occuring minerals too! Choose the healthier option.

Hydrate with our bottled waters - just give us a call today to place your logo on your own custom bottle! 

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