Is Watering Your Plants With Bottled Water Okay?

January 4, 2023

Why Water Plants with Bottled Water?

There are numerous reasons why you may want to water your plants with bottled water instead of tap water. For one, the tap water in your area may not be suitable for consumption, and may contain harmful chemicals that can bring disease to your plants.

You may also be growing plants for human consumption, which you would need to ensure the plants are healthy, and kept uncontaminated by chemicals in the water. You may be growing award-winning hybrids or sensitive plants that require special care to thrive.

Or you may simply want to improve your garden by providing your plants with the best quality of water you can give. In any case, watering your plants with bottled water may provide healthy minerals to your garden, as well as remove the risks of infecting your plants with water-borne pathogens.

Best Bottled Water for Plants

#1 Natural Spring Water

Natural spring water is the ideal water for plants as it contains natural minerals that promote plant growth. Spring water, unlike tap water, comes from natural sources, and pure, clean, and safe to use for gardening. The natural minerals in the water provide nutrients to plants, enabling them to grow luscious foliage, flowers, and fruits.

Make sure to purchase bottled spring water from reputable sources. Select brands tend to offer regular tap water as spring water, which won't necessarily harm your plants, but won't give your plants necessary minerals for growth. When in doubt, choose My Own Water bottled spring water for your plants to be sure of the quality and cleanliness of the water!

#2 Purified Water

Purified water is water that has undergone a treatment to remove any harmful contaminants from the water, often through reverse osmosis. Purified water is great for plants as it is void of any harmful bacteria or contaminants that can cause common plant problems like root rot and fungal diseases.

Purified water is accessible and often inexpensive, and works well for almost all plants. Sensitive plants can thrive well with purified water, and many houseplants tend to grow better with purified water compared to regular tap water.

#3 Filtered Water

Filtered water, also called filtered tap water or softened water, is sometimes sold in bottles as pure water. The difference between filtered water and purified water is that the former specifically uses a filter in removing contaminants from tap water. Filtered water is safe for more sensitive plants as well.

Watering plants with filtered water is great for indoor plants, especially if you have a water softener on tap, as it prevents mineral build up in the soil. Depending on the type of filter used, you may want to let the water sit overnight to decant or dissolve any remaining chemicals left behind before watering plants.

#4 Alkaline Water

Some plants are more receptive to acidic soil, while others prefer alkaline soil. Fruiting plants and vegetables, certain species of trees, and flowering plants typically prefer acidic soil, and should not be watered with alkaline water as it may stunt its growth, and stress out the plant.

There are plants, such as cabbages, broccoli, lilacs, and other species that prefer alkaline soil, and watering them with alkaline water may help promote fruiting and leaf growth as it balances out the pH levels in soil. Get your alkaline water at My Own Water to ensure pure, clean, and guaranteed alkaline water.

#5 Distilled Water

Distilled water is generally less than ideal for most plants as the water is void of any minerals or salts that can encourage plants to grow. However, if you already provide your plants with essential plant nutrients through fertilizers and mulching, then you can use distilled water to water your plants, and avoid building up a dangerous concentration of minerals in the soil.

Distilled water is ideal for sensitive plants as well since distilled water is boiled and condensed, removing harmful chemicals, contaminants, and bacteria. Take note that you may see stunted or slow growth from your plants watered with distilled water as there is not enough nutrients in distilled water to encourage plant growth.

Water for Thought

Bottled water is not a requirement to keep plants healthy. Most houseplants are perfectly fine with plain water as long as it has gone through a filtration system to remove contaminants, pathogens, and parasites.

Always make sure your bottled water is pure and clean. Here at My Own Water, we take measures to ensure all our bottled waters are safe for human consumption as we provide only the best purification methods to purify water, while maintaining the quality and mineral content of our waters.

Check out our different types of water available, and grab a bottle today! 

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