Benefits of Water Filtration and Purification

January 30, 2023

What is Water Filtration and Purification?

Water purification is the process of filtering or otherwise treating water to become potable. The water we drink typically comes from underground and natural sources, which contain high levels of contaminants, metals, minerals, and salts that not only alter the taste of the water, but also make it hazardous to drink unfiltered.

Filtration is a type of purification system that uses 1 to 10 micron filters to remove microscopic organisms, harmful contaminants, and other particles. Most bottled water companies use water filtration systems to purify their water, while some homes may have a house filtration system to purify the tap water supply.

Drinking filtered water has numerous benefits besides being cleaner and healthier to drink. There is more than one type of water filtration system, and the particles filtered depend on how small the microns a water filter can remove.

Benefits of Water Filters

1. Healthier Skin

Filtered water lessens skin irritation, and is overall better for your health as the water filtration system removes health hazards like bacteria, pathogens, and metal particles. Using clean water to wash your face is even said to lessen acne, and drinking filtered water allows for better hydration as well.

2. Lessens Hard Water Stains

Depending on the water filtration system used in making purified water, the filtered water may become soft water, or water that does not contain high amounts of minerals and salts. Hard water, which is what tap water is typically classified as, can leave white, chalk-like stains on sinks, dishes, and glass as the minerals build up over time.

Soft water also leaves cleaner dishes, as the water will not create a mineral buildup on dishes and sinks. Mineral build up can also be a problem for pipes as the minerals accumulate around the walls of the drain. Soft, filtered water helps prevent these issues.

3. Removes Contaminants

Depending on the source of the water supply, the water may be riddled with contaminants. This also depends on the local area where the water is sourced, and whether pollution levels in the area are high or not. Water filtration systems ensure that the water is potable, and removes pathogens that cause water-borne diseases.

4. Makes Better Tasting Water

All those contaminants, and even the natural minerals in the water, can alter the taste of the water. Water, in fact, can taste different depending on the source. For instance, due to its high mineral content, spring water is said to taste sweet or salty. Mineral drinking water may have a slightly bitter taste, while tap water may have a bitter or sour flavor.

Water filtration generally creates cleaner tasting water. Using a water filter on your tap water before drinking it will neutralize any bitter, salty, or sour flavors. Plastic bottles may also alter the flavor of water, so using a water filter gives you the best chance of getting neutral-tasting water.

5. Makes Water Safe Drinking Water

As mentioned, water taken from the source may not be ready to drink as there are microorganisms, pathogens, and contaminants in the water. A water filter removes all these particles, making water safe to drink. Potable tap water uses the same filtration system, and most bottled water will have an added step to remove particles as small as 1 micron for completely pure water.

6. Removes Metals and Mineral Deposits

You may have heard that mineral water promotes better health, but most purified water is already free from the natural minerals and salts present in the water supply as water filters remove these particles. This makes the water cleaner and softer to drink.

While that is true, there are purified mineral waters that undergo a different water filtration system, or have healthy minerals added back into the filtered water before bottling. If mineral content is a major factor in drinking filtered water, consider purchasing bottled water that is filtered, but contains added minerals for better health.

Drink My Own Water

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