How to Make Custom DIY Waterproof Bottled Water Labels

August 29, 2022
Water Bottles

What Are Bottled Water Labels?

Labels surround your plastic, glass, or aluminum water bottle to give the product an eye-catching design, as well as a label for your bottle. These labels are typically made of plastic that is either glued to fit the bottle, or shrunk to the shape of the bottle with heat.

For water bottle labels affixed to the product, these are typically made to be personalized labels that show off the brand and logo of the bottled water company. Shrink-type water bottle labels, on the other hand, often present pleasing colors and designs for pretty labels. 

For any reason, you can make your own custom water bottle labels that fit your specifications using a few household tools, or have your own labels made professionally with convenient and waterproof labels for your business or event!

How to Make Water Bottle Labels: The DIY Way

Sometimes, crafting DIY water bottle labels can be a great pastime for you and your kids, especially if you're only looking to create a small batch as party favors, or a one-time event where your guest list is kept short. DIY water bottle labels are fun, creative, and inexpensive!

In this how-to guide, we'll present the different ways on how to create your own label fit for any kid's party, birthday party, or event! Happy crafting!

Handcrafted Paper Labels

Handcrafted paper water bottle labels are good for small events where kids are involved, like children's birthday parties, cultural children's events, and even a baby shower. Get creative with your labels and make it a fun activity for the kids by printing out coloring book pages, and affixing them.

Provide the kids with their own crayons, markers, and pens, and let them go wild coloring in their own water bottle labels! These DIY water bottle labels create a fun atmosphere for any party, and are a great way to keep kids busy while you host your party.

However, the downside of this type of water bottle label is that it is not waterproof. You may provide large rolls of scotch tape to cheaply waterproof the labels - at least until the contents have been consumed by the kids. 

Printable Paper Labels

If a DIY activity is not your style, and you'll need more fine-tuned labels, you can easily look online for printable paper labels you can easily print and cut at home! These designs are ready made, and many of them are royalty-free, so you can use them for your birthday parties, game nights, and themed get-togethers! 

Be careful, though, when you use ink from home printers as these are not typically waterproof, and the ink can stain or smudge when moistened. Still, this is a great and easy way to craft your own water bottle label

Card Labels

If you have a Cricut machine, you can save up on professional fees of printing and designing card stock as your custom water bottle labels. Create unique-looking labels delicately printed on your machine, and affix these onto your water bottle giveaways at small events, neighbourhood barbecues, and budget weddings!

Create personalized labels with a bit of calligraphy, and you've got a quaint-looking card label you can tie onto your water bottles with a rustic jute string, or some classy satin ribbon. Turn something simple and ordinary into something special your guests will appreciate! 

Customized Printed Label

Customized printed labels can be ordered through print shops, where you will have to provide the design files and the measurement specifications. You will also need to place the printed labels onto your water bottles yourself, but you can create waterproof water bottle labels easily and inexpensively.

If you don't dabble in illustrator tools, you can easily create your own design on Canva, where you can find a water bottle label template you can choose from, and customize to your own label specifications. You can also inform the print shop if you would like waterproof labels. 

Change up the colors, use appropriate elements, and type out your own text from the water bottle label template to create labels that are stunning and professional-looking! While this is a great idea for small events with less than a hundred people, you will have to do the bulk of the work.

How to Make Bottled Water Labels

When you have a business, restaurant, or large event where your manpower is not enough to create thousands of labels for your water bottles to meet demands, then you should consider getting professional labels. 

Professionals can design, print, and affix your label on your bottles so you don't have to lift a finger! Specialty water bottle companies also provide their own containers, and give you options on the material, type of water content, and more.

Printed Water Bottle Labels

You can opt for printed water bottle labels that will be affixed onto a retail brand of water. This is typically the more expensive option, as you essentially hire the manpower to create bottle sleeves for your event or business, and apply them to readily-bought branded water. 

This is typically done for one-time events where there are too many people to manually place the labels on bottles, like concerts, sports events, and private events. However, depending on the brand of water, there may be clauses on placing labels on top of the existing bottle label, so watch out for copyright clauses. 

Professional Custom Water Bottle Labels

Specialty companies that manufacture, design, and label their own bottles is your best bet when you're wondering how to create your own label. With multiple designs, types of water, and materials to choose from, customizing your water can bring more spotlight to your business or event.

For this, check out My Own Water for customized labels that will sure to wow your customers and guests. Contact us today, and we can discuss how to best provide you with your water bottle customization needs.

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