How to Make Your Own Alkaline Water: 5 Easy Ways

October 27, 2022
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What is Alkaline Water?

Normal drinking water is often thought to be neutral on the pH scale, registering a pH of around 7.0, making it not an acid, but not alkaline either. However, water may be more acidic, depending on the source, and the way drinking water is processed.

Natural sources, such as springs, may contain trace amounts of minerals that make the water alkaline. In processing facilities, purified water may contain additives, or have undergone processes that contribute to the acidity of the drinking water. Acidic water may cause acid reflux disease, and throw off the pH balance of stomach acid.

Alkaline water is said to be beneficial to the body, and many people swear by the health benefits of maintaining an alkaline diet, which includes drinking alkaline water. However, alkaline water can be expensive, so people tend to make their own at home, or purchase directly from suppliers! Making alkaline water at home is easy, simple, and inexpensive.

How to Make Alkaline Water at Home

Before you start alkalizing your drinking water, it is best to check the pH level of the water using pH test strips. Follow the procedure on the package, and test whether your water is acidic, neutral, or basic. You may already have alkaline, or basic water at home! If your water is acidic or neutral, here are ways you can alkalize your water:

#1 Lemon Juice

The acidity of lemon juice may seem counterintuitive, but adding a few drops of lemon juice to your drinking water actually makes it alkaline! The change in pH happens once you consume the lemon water, which gets metabolized as alkaline, balancing your body's pH levels. Plus, adding lemon juice to your drinking water gives it a refreshing, fruity taste!

To make alkaline water with lemon juice, simply squeeze a few drops into your water, and stir well. Drink the water immediately to gain the full effects. The water may seem and taste acidic, but your body reacts to lemon water as alkaline - it's a refreshing way to gain alkaline water benefits.

#2 Baking Soda

Baking soda is a home staple, and is often used to boost the flavor of baked goods. In water, adding baking soda creates an alkaline water solution with minimal change in flavor. So if you dislike the taste of lemon water, add baking soda to your drink instead!

When taken alone, baking soda may have a slightly bitter taste as it is an alkaline. However, you'll only need a small pinch to make alkaline water, so you won't taste the bitterness at all! Simply mix a pinch of baking soda into your water, and stir until the baking soda dissolves completely. You can do this to reduce the natural acidity of your coffee as well!

#3 pH Drops

pH drops are water boosters that change the pH level of your drinking water. These solutions contain highly concentrated minerals that increase the pH level of water. You can often find pH drops in health food stores, select grocery stores, and online. pH drops come in small, handy bottles, and may include additives to flavor your drink!

Making water alkaline with pH drops is easy: simply add pH drops to your water as indicated on the label, and mix - it's an easy and convenient way to create alkaline water at home, and one small bottle can last for multiple consumptions, producing basic water each time you add it to your water bottle, pitcher, or glass.

#4 Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

The water filtration system of some water filter pitchers include minerals that alkalize water as it filters out impurities. These filters work by filtering out the dissolved minerals and acidic waste, producing alkaline water without the bitter flavor.

Multiple brands sell their water filter pitchers with different uses, so make sure to grab one that indicates it contains alkaline minerals for making alkaline water at home! You will, however, need to change the filter frequently to keep the pitcher (and your water) clean.

#5 Water Ionizer

An alkaline ionizer is a device that raises the pH level of water, creating basic water. These devices may or may not come with a water filtration function, but are focused on using electrolysis to extract alkaline water out of your drinking or tap water.

Water ionizers separate the negative and positive electrodes in water, thereby separating alkaline water from acidic water into two streams. These devices may increase the water's pH level up to 10.0 pH on average, which is highly basic. It is an ideal way to make alkaline water at home as it does not change the flavor or texture of the water.

Drinking Alkaline Water - The Convenient Way

Making alkaline water at home is not necessarily difficult, but it can be inconsistent. Mixing in additives to the water can change its flavor, and make for inconsistent alkalinity - you may add too much or too little additives to your water as well! Other methods, on the other hand, are expensive: you'll need to keep purchasing filters for your pitcher or ionizer!

Instead of calculating how to make alkaline water at home, drink alkaline water the convenient way with My Own Water alkaline bottled water! Our alkaline water includes increased pH levels without that bitter taste, so you can enjoy the health benefits and dissolved minerals in a refreshing way!

Contact us today to learn more about how you can customize your alkaline water through My Own Water.

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