How to Clean Your Reusable Water Bottle

August 30, 2022
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A reusable water bottle is handy. You can take it with you wherever you go, and stay hydrated with ice-cold drinks or warm beverages. While you may have the habit of using a separate water bottle for your water and other drinks, you will still need to clean out your reusable water bottle from time to time. 

Water bottles can get particularly nasty over time, as the moisture creates the perfect environment to grow mold, mildew, and bacteria colonies. Even a stainless steel water bottle can get musty when in constant contact with moisture; although, a plastic water bottle is reportedly most susceptible to bacteria compared to other materials.

Flash a light into the internal chamber of your water bottle. If you see any discolouration, rusting, staining, or chalky white buildup, you will need to clean these out before you get sick from all that bacteria! These stains can accumulate from the formation of mineral buildup, mold, algae, or stains from juice, tea, and coffee placed in the water bottle.

How to Clean Water Bottle: 3 Best Ways

Even as you rinse out your water bottle after every use, or you wash the water bottle lid with soap and water, the excess moisture can still form a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. Water bottles are typically made airtight, which hinders the water bottle from fully drying. The constant moisture is what builds up stains and harmful microbes.

You can try scrubbing these stains out with all your might, and you still might not make a dent with your bottle brush. Reusable water bottles have a rubber or silicone lining that may harbour bacteria and mold as well, so cleaning these features is essential to keeping your bottle clean.

Try out these safe and easy hacks to get rid of those stains and mold for good! All you need are a couple of common grocery staples, and you'll clean water bottle lids and cups with a good-quality deep cleaning action! If you drink coloured and sugary drinks in your reusable water bottles, then you should deep clean these at least once a week.

Salt and Lemon Hack

The acidity of lemon juice, coupled with the abrasion of rock salt easily cleans out any gunk from your water bottles! Lemon juice will also give your bottle a pleasant smell, and can be easier to work with compared to vinegar. First, clean water bottles with soap and water. 

Rinse and apply the juice of half a lemon. Add in a couple of tablespoons of rock salt, and swirl the mixture around the bottle. For reusable straws, apply the same mixture and use a straw brush to work the mixture through the tube. Let the solution sit for 15-20 minutes, then swirl the solution to let the salt power through the grime. 

Rinse out your bottle and straw, then use a clean cloth to dry your bottle or let it air dry before storing. For tougher stains, add some baking (bicarbonate) soda to the mixture to lift the stains off the bottle, and deodorize the bottle from any lingering smells.  

Baking Soda and White Vinegar

Baking soda and vinegar is a known combo to clean almost any surface, including reusable bottles! First, wash your reusable bottle with some dish soap and warm water. If your bottle is dishwasher safe, then let it run through the dishwasher. Let the soapy water loosen any grime, then rinse out. 

Add in the soda, then fill the bottle halfway with vinegar. Let the mixture bubble and sit for 15-20 minutes. The solution should clean out any accumulated gunk, and deodorize your bottle. Rinse out, and use a scrubber to completely remove the loosened dirt. 

Alternatively, you may use hydrogen peroxide in place of vinegar for a sanitizing and whitening power, but for common stains, we recommend sticking to vinegar for the safer option. Let the container air dry, and clean your reusable straws the same way.

Denture Tablets

Denture tablets clean more than just dentures - you can also clean reusable water bottles with them! Place a denture tablet or two into your stained bottle, and fill the bottle up with warm water. Let the water bottle sit overnight to allow the denture tablets to work their cleaning magic. 

The next morning, take a bottle brush and scrub out the loosened gunk. Dump out the contents, and rinse your bottle thoroughly with more warm water. Let the bottle air dry before using, and repeat the process anytime you notice your bottle getting grimey. 

This hack works on bottle lids too! Simply make a separate solution of denture tablet cleaner in a basin large enough for you to submerge your bottle lids and accessories. Let these soak overnight in the solution, and scrub them out the next day with a soft brush. Rinse and dry before using.

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How to Keep Your Water Bottles Clean and Sanitized

Besides daily cleaning, your bottle would need to be deep cleaned and sanitized at least once a week - more often when you use the bottle to store coloured or flavoured drinks. You can always sanitize your bottle by placing boiling water inside and letting the hot water cool, or use a disinfecting soap solution.

We recommend that you hand wash your bottles, as you will be able to fully scrub out any grime from the interior. The dishwasher may be convenient, but even at the top rack, the machine may not be able to remove all the grime completely. It is always best to wash your bottles by hand instead.

Always let your bottle go through a thorough air drying from time to time to keep moisture from forming mold and bacteria colonies on the nooks and crannies of your bottle. When dealing with these stains, first wash out your reusable bottle or travel mug with soap and water before working on the discoloration.

Keeping your bottle clean and sanitized is a great step in keeping your body healthy, hydrated, and in tip top shape! For more hydration tips, visit our blog and learn about the different types of water that are great for your body! 

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