6 Ways to Add Minerals to Your Drinking Water

August 29, 2022
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Many water filtration stages remove trace minerals from drinking water, as is the case with reverse osmosis systems. Reverse osmosis drinking water is missing out on the beneficial minerals your body needs to function at its peak, and while reverse osmosis water is generally safe for consumption, its purity lacks the mineral-rich benefits of mineral water.

6 Ways You Can Add Minerals to Water

Thankfully, there are ways you can remineralize reverse osmosis water at home using remineralizing systems, or trace mineral drops that can add minerals into your drinking water or tap water. Here are 6 ways you can increase your mineral intake through pure water.

1. Mineral Drops

Mineral drops are concentrated liquid solutions that you can drop in your drinking water to increase its mineral content. You can turn distilled water into mineral water with just a few drops! These mineral drops contain micro minerals that infuse your water with added benefits.

Add trace mineral drops to your water according to the manufacturer's instructions, and mix well. The water may take on a mineral-like taste, and some manufacturers recommend adding minerals into juice or flavored drinks instead to mask the taste. Mineral drops can be safely added into distilled water, purified water, or RO water (reverse osmosis water).

2. Mineral-Infusing Water Bottles

There are select brands of water bottles on the market that add ionic minerals into your RO water, creating mineral water. These bottles have cartridges that infuse your reverse osmosis water with minerals, without altering the taste of the water. Drinking mineral water from these bottles are said to decrease acidity in the body, and introduce minerals into your system.

However, steer clear of water bottles that include crystals like rose quartz and amethyst in the bottle. While many of these crystals do not have any physiological effects on the body, some are water-soluble, which means you could be consuming trace amounts of turquoise or selenite as you drink from your water bottle.

3. Water Filtration Systems

Some water filters can purify tap water through reverse osmosis, and remineralize the water at the same time. These can be connected to your tap, and may operate with a flip of a switch. The result is purified drinking water that contains a fresh supply of minerals - just what your body needs to hydrate and stay balanced!

These water filtration setups may be costly, and the filters required to cleanse your water will need to be changed every year or so. While these filtration systems are sure solutions, they may not be the most accessible solutions for everyone.

4. Himalayan Sea Salt

Pure, himalayan salt is actually mineral-rich sea salt! The pinkish hue of himalayan salt is due to trace mineral impurities in the salt. These impurities are what makes mineral salts so sought-after, as their perceived health benefits outweigh those of regular table salt.

Add a sprinkle of himalayan salt into your water, and mix well. This mixed salt solution should provide you with a good dose of essential minerals, albeit with a salty taste. Avoid drinking too much salt water, as it may increase your sodium concentration levels in the blood, and lead to blood pressure problems. Drink the water in moderation.

5. Electrolyte Powder

Electrolyte powders are specifically formulated to infuse water with minerals and electrolytes that have been removed by the reverse osmosis system. Simply mix the powder into your drinking water, and drink up the refreshing, healthy minerals infused in your water!

Most electrolyte powders are used as powdered sports drinks and gym beverages, and may contain artificial flavorings and colorants that may be harmful to your body in excess amounts. Choose flavorless and sugar-free powder mixes for the best health.

6. Use Natural Fruits and Vegetables

Natural fruits, herbs, and vegetables contain trace minerals that are water soluble, which is why infused water is a big hit among health and fitness fans. However, the minerals released by these natural resources easily dissipate, which is why it is important to drink the infused water as soon as possible.

Mix your favorite fruits, vegetables, and herbs into your water. The smaller you slice them, the more minerals and electrolytes they can infuse in your water. Popular options include lemons for electrolytes, mint, citrus fruits, cucumbers, apples, and berries.

Refresh the Healthy Way!

At My Own water, you won't need to add salt or use expensive filtration systems to mineralize your water. Our natural spring water is both safe and chock full of essential minerals your body needs to stay healthy! Our electrolyte-infused water will restore your electrolyte balance, all while providing a refreshing, crisp beverage! 

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