Can Cats Drink Bottled Water?

January 4, 2023

Is Bottled Water Safe for Cats?

Yes, bottled water is completely safe for cats, and is a good option to provide for your feline friend when you don't have safe, potable water around. Filtered water, distilled water, natural spring water, and even alkaline water is good for cats, and may provide essential nutrients and minerals to your pet. Some cats may even have a preference for spring water or distilled water!

Cats can safely drink bottled water, and some cats prefer drinking filtered water over tap water. Bottled water is the ideal drinking water as it is potable, accessible, and provides a pure and clean water source for your pet.

Purified and filtered water is devoid of harmful chemicals, parasites, and pathogens that may affect your feline, but bottled water is safe to consume as it has undergone a purification process to remove all contaminants in the water. Some vets may prescribe cats to drink bottled water when ill to ensure that there are no pathogens that can cause the cat to get sick while in recovery.

There is, however, a concern over plastic water bottles leaching chemicals into the water. Most botting companies use plastic bottles that are safe for liquids, and won't leach chemicals into the water. As a precautionary measure, make sure to provide your cat water that is not at all past its expiration date, or has not been heated as these may cause the plastic to degrade.

Why Give Your Cat Bottled Water?

#1 Tap Water is Not Potable

Most cats can drink tap water just fine, but if you are unsure of the quality of your tap water, or if your tap water has been contaminated by soil, bacteria, or other hazardous substances, then giving your cat bottled water is the safer option. Some cats may not want to drink the tap water at all, so having bottled water will help keep your pet hydrated.

#2 Ease When Traveling

Bottled water is easy to bring around when traveling, and is great to keep in the room for when you need to replenish your cat's water bowl. If you're taking your pet with you on a road trip, or if you're simply taking your cat out for walks, having a water bottle on hand ensures you have fresh water to give your feline friend in a blink of an eye.

#3 Bottled Water Fits Directly in Pet Water Dispensers

There are now pet water dispensers that keep the water fresh throughout the day, and automatically replenish water if the pet spills or drinks the water. This set up often includes a pet bowl and a bottle holder that will suspend a bottle of water upside down over the bowl. This allows the water to replenish as your pet drinks it, keeping them hydrated throughout the day.

How to Get a Cat to Drink More Water

#1 Access to Fresh Drinking Water

Cats drink tap water and bottled water, but they don't typically know how to turn the tap on by themselves to access fresh drinking water. If you'll be gone for most of the day, make sure you leave ample access to fresh drinking water. You may need to set up multiple drinking stations for your cat as well.

#2 Exercise and Play Time

Your cat will tend to feel thirsty when burning energy, so exercise and play time is a must for all felines. Take time to play with your pet, and get them to burn their energy. They'll drink more, and will sleep through the night as well. If you're gone for most of the day, leave them with automated toys to fight the boredom, and burn energy.

#3 Flavored Water for Cats

Adding some bone broth, catnip or other natural flavorings to your cat's water may help entice your cat to drink more. Steep catnip for catnip tea, or add a few ice cubes of frozen, unsalted bone broth to add a little flavor to your cat's water. You can add a bit of wet food as well, but this may attract ants to the water bowl.

#4 Cat Water Fountain

Most cats will drink bottled water from a plastic, ceramis, or stainless steel feeding bowl, but some felines may find this boring, and skip drinking water altogether. A cat water fountain may help your feline friend hydrate more as the pet fountain mimics the rush of natural spring water that may entice your cat to drink more.

Make sure your cat is drinking fresh and clean water with My Own Water bottled water. Grab a bottle today, and taste the crisp, refreshing difference!

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