Why Does My Bottled Water Taste Weird?

August 30, 2022
Water Bottles

Water doesn't really go bad. If it tastes bad, then it is contaminated with another substance, or if it takes on the smell of the plastic pipes the water goes through during the purification process. Tap water may taste bad when the tap is moldy, or the pipes have rusted, which will make the water non-potable. Here are some of the reasons why your water has a weird taste:

Why Does Your Bottled Water Taste Weird?

That all depends on the flavor you're tasting. Does your bottled water smell and taste like chlorine bleach, plastic, or musty fabrics? Throw away that bottled water as it may not be safe to drink. If your bottled or tap water has a weird flavor, you should question the quality of your water supply.

Rotten Egg-like Smell

That rotten egg smell is from hydrogen sulfide, which is a naturally-occuring substance caused by bacteria in the water supply. Cease drinking the water, and toss out your drink whenever possible. Contact your supplier with this feedback, and they can hopefully address the issue immediately.

For water coming from the tap, consider having your pipes cleaned. If that doesn't solve the problem, contact your local city council with feedback about the quality of your municipal water.

Musty Flavor and Odor

Musty smells are often indicators of mold growth, which happens when taps are kept moist and filthy. Pour yourself a glass of water, and check for any floating debris, or light brown to green bits in your water. These are further indications of mold growth.

If the water is from your tap, it means you haven't cleaned the tap over a long period of time. Simply have the tap cleaned, or brush it clean yourself with baking soda and vinegar, and allow the water to run to rinse out the remaining mold growth. Avoid using cleaning chemicals as it may alter your water.

Bleach-like Smell

The bleach smell from your water indicates high levels of chlorine or other chemicals used in purifying drinking water. If your bottled water tastes weird, and smells slightly of bleach or swimming pool chlorine, then you know your supplier uses chlorine to treat their water.

While it is not toxic to drink water that has a bleach smell, it may cause stomach upset if you have a sensitive gut. When in doubt, toss out that glass of water, and drink a new glass from a different source. Contact your supplier to notify them of the bleach smell.

Plastic-like Smell

This often happens with newly-installed pipes, as plastic piping may leach a plastic smell to your tap water. If your tap water tastes like plastic, and you've had pipework done recently, then the pipes are most likely lending the plasticky smell to your water. Allow the water to run to flush out the smell, and avoid drinking from your tap for two to three weeks.

Metallic Flavor

The metallic, iron-like taste in your water is exactly that: metal! However, it is important to differentiate drinking water that has added metals in them, from water contaminated with metals or rust. Depending on your water supplier, your bottle of water may have a metallic taste due to the dissolved minerals in the water, making it safe to drink.

Metals like iron and manganese are naturally present in groundwater sources, and may cause the water to take on a metal-like flavor. Low pH levels may also cause a metal-like taste from your drinking water. Despite the taste, your water is still perfectly safe to consume.

However, if the flavor from your tap water has a strong, metallic, almost rust-like flavor, then we suggest you have your pipes checked for any signs of rust or corrosion as these can contaminate your water. Stop drinking the water, and contact a plumber immediately.

The Different Signs Your Bottled Water May Be Contaminated

Here are ways you can determine whether your water is contaminated or not:

  • There is floating debris in your water.
  • Water has a strange, off-putting flavor.
  • Water has a weird smell.
  • Water has a rotten, foul, or decayed taste, smell, or color.
  • Water is not clear.
  • Water has a strange texture, which can be caused by bacteria.
  • Bottle has a hole, puncture, or crack.

Fresh Water, Everytime

At My Own Water, we take extra precautions to make sure your bottle of water is always as fresh as the day it was bottled. Both our plastic and aluminum bottles are free from any contaminants, and our water processing facilities ensure you're getting only the purest, cleanest water without any weird taste.

Explore our website today and see how we process our water!

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