Best Glass Bottled Water Brands

August 19, 2022
Water Bottles

Unlike plastic bottles, glass bottles are reusable. Its premium look, coupled with its sustainability, draws in consumers to purchase the bottled water. Many beverages, from juices to soft drinks, are stored in glass bottles for freshness, but water in a beautiful bottle made of glass gives off unique characteristics that are elegant and sophisticated.

Best Bottled Water Brands with Glass Bottles

#1 San Pellegrino Sparkling Spring Water

We start our list with San Pellegrino. Their green bottle features an elegant silhouette that houses natural spring water sourced from the San Pellegrino Terme in Italy. The natural springs of the Italian Alps is enriched with trace minerals that provide a naturally pure and sweet taste to the water.

San Pellegrino is sparkling spring water, which compliments gourmet food like steak and fine wine well. The sparkling water provides an additional texture and sensation that enhances any meal, making the brand a popular choice not just for their glass bottles!

#2 Mountain Valley Spring Water

One of the unique points of the Mountain Valley Spring Water is their hand-blown glass bottle. The water itself is naturally sourced from springs in Ouachita Mountains in Oklahoma, and is encased in glass for purity and freshness.

With a neutral pH between 7.3 to 7.8, Mountain Valley is non-acidic, and contains natural minerals present in the springs. The brand has been operating since 1871, and has been supplying the world with premium bottled water since then!

#3 Perrier Bottled Water

Our list wouldn't be complete without Perrier bottled water and its iconic glass bottle! The pear-shaped glass bottle gives off an air of sophistication as it seals in the freshness and purity of its sparkling water. The water is blended with natural minerals for a sweet taste, and is incorporated with air for a sensational mouthfeel.

Perrier is perfect for fine dining as the water enhances the overall experience of the meal. Perrier also delivers nine different flavors besides their plain sparkling waters - all sourced from the South of France since 1863! This isn't your plain old tap water!

#4 Antipodes Bottled Water

Antipodes glass bottled water hails from the country with some of the least amount of pollutants in the world: New Zealand. The bottled water is sealed in a minimalist glass bottle - no frills or decor needed for this brand! The glass bottle helps maintain the purity of this natural spring water, which comes as still water or sparkling.

Antipodes spring waters contain natural materials in its total dissolved solids, which are mostly silica. The brand is ideal to drink as table water, and is said to have a clean, crisp taste. Antipodes is essentially water in its most natural form.

#5 Hildon Glass Bottled Water

The award-winning brand Hildon makes it to our list as some of the best glass bottled water brands. The crystal clear glass bottle is accented with the blue hues iconic to the brand. Their iconic design, as well as the quality of their water, earned them their Restaurant Magazine Award for seven consecutive years in a row.

Hildon is the preferred brand of gourmets, chefs, and restaurant connoisseurs around the world. The still water has a neutral pH level and low sodium levels to highlight the flavors of accompanying food. The glass bottle preserves the purity of the water, ensuring the water is kept fresh and free of contaminants from bottling to table.

Is Glass Good?

Glass bottles look and feel premium, and will keep the water fresh without leaching any chemicals or contaminants in the water. However, they are not ideal water bottles for on-the-go hydration as glass easily shatters when dropped, and may break due to thermal shock.

For portable, durable, and safe alternatives to glass bottles and plastic bottles, go for aluminum water bottles instead! Our aluminum bottled water at My Own Water is shatter-proof, airtight, and won't leach harmful chemicals into your water! Hydrate with pure, crisp water retained fresh in our reusable aluminum bottles!

Check out our product line for various water bottle materials, as well as types of water! 

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