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September 9, 2022
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Drinking water is a matter of preference: some people prefer to drink natural spring water that contains trace amounts of minerals, and has a slightly sweeter taste, while others prefer drinking distilled water that is considered a tasteless water, and contains absolutely no chemicals or minerals - just pure water!

From Nestle's Pure Life to Coca Cola's Dasani, there are numerous brands of bottled water available in the market. However, not all of them are distilled. Distilled bottled water, like Deer Park, is made by boiling water, and collecting its condensation, which is then processed and bottled. What you get is pure water without the impurities or heavy metals!

What to Look For in Distilled Water

Distilled water has numerous uses and benefits. For one, nasal cleaning pots require the use of distilled water as tap water may have contaminants and bacteria that could negatively affect the health. Appliances such as humidifiers, steamers, and other tools that require water to function correctly also benefit from distilled water as it prevents mineral buildup.

When purchasing distilled water, whether it be for your own consumption or to use in your home appliances, choose only pure bottled water labeled as distilled. These water bottles differ from tap water or purified drinking water, which may still contain trace minerals.

Top 6 Brands of Distilled Water in the Market

1. Ice Mountain Brand Distilled Water

Ice Mountain distilled water is great for both consumption, and usage in home appliances as it minimizes the risk of mineral accumulation in water reservoirs. Use the bottled water in your morning coffee maker for a crisper brew, or steam iron your clothes with the distilled water to protect the fabric from mineral accumulation caused by tap or mineral water.

Drink up only pure, clean water, and enjoy the crisp taste of Ice Mountain's distilled water. Processed through a meticulous distillation treatment, this brand of bottled water is clean, pure, and devoid of any impurities that could otherwise alter its clean taste.

2. Smartwater Vapor Distilled Water

Smartwater is one of the popular distilled water brands in the market. They use vapor distillation instead of reverse osmosis for their distilled water bottles, and infuse electrolytes into the water for added health benefits. What you get is a clean-tasting drink that replenishes lost nutrients in your body after a good sweat.

They offer their bottled waters in recycled bottles so you don't need to fret about your environmental footprint. Just drink up, and hydrate with their vapor-distilled water that features a superior taste thanks to those added electrolytes!

3. Snugell CPAP Distilled Water

Need a good brand of bottled water for your CPAP machine? Snugell has got you covered! Keep up a good night's sleep knowing your machine is free from damaging mineral buildup when you use Snugell CPAP distilled water in your home. Each bottle ensures the water chamber of your machine is kept sanitary and free of buildup.

4. Poland Spring Distilled Water

Poland Spring is one of the top distilled water brands in the market, and for a good reason: the bottled water is meant to be used in small appliances like steam irons and humidifiers! You won't have to fret about mineral buildup or hard water stains! They come in gallon bottles for your convenience, and are perfect to keep around the house.

5. Hint Water

Looking for a fruity refreshment that's guaranteed clean and crisp? Hint water is known as the OG in their fruit-infused, flavored distilled water bottles, and they also deliver other types of infused drinking water, such as sparkling or carbonated water, caffeinated water, and boxed water for kids!

No sugar, no sweeteners, and no preservatives - Hint Water aims to make consumers fall in love with water, and choose pure, clean water for their hydration over sugary drinks like juices and sodas. These are perfect alternatives to sugar-laden beverages for kids and adults alike!

6. Smartwater Alkaline

Smartwater makes it to our list again with their alkaline variety, which is not made with purified water, but instead uses distilled water. The pH level of the water is at a high 9 and above, which makes the water very alkaline, and great for balancing the body's pH levels!

The water contains no additives - not even natural minerals! It's just water, so you can enjoy great tasting water without the mineral content like potassium chloride, magnesium sulfate, or calcium. This enhanced water is zero calories, thirst quenching, and pure!

Drinking Clean Water

Whether your water comes from natural springs, or undergoes a thorough water filtration process to remove any impurities, always look for the cleanest and freshest water source you can find. Distilled water is a great choice to keep home appliances clean and free from mineral deposits, which naturally-filtered spring water and purified water tend to leave behind. 

Need a thirst-quenching drink? Check out what we offer at My Own Water for clean and crisp water guaranteed to keep your hydration levels up!

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