Brands of Bottled Water That Are Sodium-Free

September 16, 2022
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You may not taste it, but sodium is present in most bottled waters! Sodium is a naturally occurring mineral that is water-soluble, and is often found in spring water, as the bottled water is naturally filtered with minerals like salts and calcium. Other types of bottled water, like electrolyte water, may also contain sodium.

Why Choose Sodium-Free?

Some consumers prefer their water sodium-free due to taste preferences and health reasons. While the amount of sodium found in water is miniscule, some people believe that low-sodium options can hydrate the body better, and give a better-tasting drink.

For others, sodium-free water may be a matter of quenching their thirst as the sodium content in bottled water may make them feel thirsty even after drinking water. Regardless of the reason, drinking sodium-free water is an acceptable way of staying hydrated!

Top 6 Sodium-free Bottled Water Brands in the Market

1. Fiji Natural Artesian Water

Fiji water leans towards a more alkaline pH level of 7.7, which makes it safe to drink as a non-acidic water brand. Each bottled water contains 17mg of sodium per liter, which is higher than other commercial bottled waters, but is still considered low-sodium.

The brand uses volcanic rock to filter out sediments and contaminants in the water, resulting in soft water with a clean, crisp taste. They source their water from an untouched natural spring, and bottle the drink in the same area to preserve freshness.

2. Evian Natural Spring Water

Despite being natural spring water, Evian only contains 6.9mg of sodium per liter, making it very low in sodium compared to other water brands in our list. Evian bottled water has a smooth taste, and is rich in electrolytes to revitalize your body, especially after a good workout. This bottled water brand is pure, clean, and suitable for low-sodium diets!

3. Nestle Pure Life

Nestle Pure Life may be sourced from municipal water, but its filtration process result in a smooth, fresh-tasting water that is low in sodium, with only 9.5mg of sodium per liter. Unlike your regular tap water, Nestle water is guaranteed clean and hydrating, processed through reverse osmosis and distillation.

What you get is pure, distilled water without the frills, the salt, or the calories! With no additives, and a rigorous treatment process, Nestle Pure Life provides water in its purest form for your daily consumption!

4. Icelandic Glacial Natural Spring Alkaline Water

Icelandic Glacial water is a low-sodium, fluoride-free, ionized alkaline water brand that provides a fresh taste, and pure hydration. Their filtration process leaves a crisp finish to their water, which is sourced from the Olfus Spring in Iceland. With just 11mg of sodium per liter, Icelandic Glacial drinking water is pleasantly hydrating!

5. Essentia Bottled Water

With 13mg of sodium per liter of water, Essentia is somewhat higher on the scale when it comes to salt content. However, the drinking water is considered low in sodium, and is a highly alkaline water meant to balance your body's pH levels while replenishing lost hydration!

Essentia drinking water also contains electrolytes infused in the water, which makes it the perfect drink of choice at the gym or during an eventful day. Essentia has a pH level of 9.5, which is highly alkaline, so take precautions when consuming the beverage regularly as it may interfere with your body's gastric acidity.

6. Ice Mountain Spring Water

For the brand with the least amount of sodium per liter, go for Ice Mountain Spring Water that contains only 2.5mg per liter! Unlike your city's tap water, the spring water undergoes a 12-step filtration process to remove any contaminants, and guarantees only premium water with a soft and smooth taste!

Is Sodium Bad for You?

In moderate amounts, sodium is not bad for your health. The sodium levels in most bottled water are negligible, so you can keep drinking without worrying about the salt content. In fact, sodium helps maintain a good balance of hydration and minerals in your body, and is important for vital bodily functions.

It is understandable for you to choose only the healthiest drink, but the most important thing to remember is to keep your body hydrated. Drinking water, whether it's alkaline water, tap water, or purified water, should be an essential part of your lifestyle!

For crisp, clean, and pure water, contact us at My Own Water, and get only the best water quality you can drink!

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