Brands of Bottled Water Without Fluoride

August 22, 2022
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What is Fluoride?

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral present in soil, water, plants, and rock formations. It is an essential ingredient in toothpaste as the mineral is effective in preventing tooth decay, and is sometimes an added ingredient in tap water for this reason.

Most of the body's fluoride is stored in bones and teeth - around 99% of fluoride! Besides municipal tap water, bottled water brands may also add fluoride in their products for increased health benefits, whether in the form of added fluoride, or naturally-occurring fluoride. However, these products may not always be the healthy choice for consumers.

Is Fluoridated Water Harmful to Your Health?

Fluoride, in minute amounts, is beneficial to your health as the mineral can prevent tooth decay and remineralization. However, fluoridated water may pose a health risk when taken in excessive amounts. Fluoride content in excess of the recommended daily dose can lead to neurological problems, dental fluorosis, skeletal fluorosis, thyroid problems, and more.

For these reasons, some people may prefer to drink water without fluoride, or with minimal fluoride levels. In this article, we list the best brands of bottled water without fluoride for a cleaner, crisper beverage without the risks!

Best Brands of Fluoride-free Bottled Drinking Water

#1 My Own Water

My Own Water serves up a variety of water bottles from natural spring water to alkaline water. Our alkaline water and purified water are completely free of fluoride, and our natural spring water undergoes natural filtration to provide a refreshing drink with a hint of sweetness, and without the fluoride.

You can customize your bottled water too! Talk to us for any concerns regarding the mineral content of our bottled water, our TDS, and our purification processes to know more about your drinking water. Drink up a refreshing, clean, and clear beverage without worrying about the fluoride levels!

#2 Evian

Evian is known for their spring water, which is sourced from the French Alps. Naturally-occurring fluoride may be present in spring water, but through a natural filtration process, Evian water is devoid of any contaminants. Plus, the fluoride-free bottled water has a pH level of 7.59, making it a neutral drink that is perfect to quench your thirst!

#3 Smartwater

Smartwater bottled water is processed through distillation to remove the contaminants in the water - including fluoride. Thus, Smartwater bottled water does not contain fluoride, and is a safe, refreshing drinking water perfect for those with an energetic lifestyle as Smartwater adds electrolytes to their bottled water!

#4 Aquafina

Aquafina ensures their bottled water is completely fluoride-free through purification, delivering only the purest form of water with high water quality. Aquafina water goes through a series of purification processes to remove fluoride as well as other trace amounts of minerals - leaving only pure, clean, and crisp water!

#5 Icelandic Glacial

Icelandic Glacial bottled water is sourced from the Ölfus Spring in Iceland, which contains trace amounts of beneficial dissolved minerals in the water. However, the bottled water is devoid of fluoride, and is completely safe to drink without having to worry about the ill-effects of excess mineral content. It has a pH of 8.4, making it a soft yet alkaline water!

#6 Dasani

Dasani is sourced from municipal water, and is much like filtered tap water. The brand removes fluoride from its bottled water, leaving you with fresh, clean drinking water that is fluoride-free! You won't have to worry about the health hazards of excess fluoride in your drinking water, and Dasani is readily-available in most stores as well!

Sourcing Your Bottled Water

Bottled water doesn't have to be fancy, but it must be pure. Our purification and water treatment processes at My Own Water ensures your water is clean and pure - no frills needed! When you're scouting for customized bottled water for your home, office, or brand, look no further than My Own Water.

Don't drink tap water, go for water that gives you the most benefits! Choose from our line of alkaline, purified, natural spring, and electrolyte water, and taste the difference of our specially and carefully purified water that will quench your thirst anytime, anywhere!

Give us a call, and let's discuss how we can provide you with your own custom bottled water!

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