Brands of Bottled Water That Are Acidic

September 9, 2022
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Most people have heard that drinking alkaline water is good for your health, but what about on the other end of the pH scale? Acidic water is often said to be bad for you as it can increase the acidity in your body, and worsen acid reflux. Here, we have the 5 most acidic brands of bottled water for your reference. 

Concerns Over Acidic Bottled Water

While most bottled waters are not acidic enough to cause any negative effects on your overall health, drinking water that is too acidic for your body can cause tooth decay as the acidic beverage dissolves the enamel on your teeth. A low pH level may also cause acid reflux, as well as a decrease in bone density as the acid eats away at the minerals in your body.

For these reasons, most consumers prefer to drink neutral or alkaline water, which are said to balance the acidity in the body. Drinking alkaline water is fine, but too much can throw off your body's natural pH levels.

5 of the Most Acidic Water Brands in the Market

You may notice many of these brands of bottled water are sourced from natural springs. This is because the mineral content of some natural springs can lower the pH levels of water, making them acidic. Some bottled water companies opt to add minerals like potassium bicarbonate to the water to increase its alkalinity.

1. Dasani Purified Water

Dasani tops our list as the most acidic bottled water brand in the market. Dasani, created by the Coca-cola Company, is a well-known brand of bottled water available in most restaurants and groceries. The brand sources its water from municipal water, also called tap water, and runs it through treatment processes that include reverse osmosis and UV light.

With a pH level of 4.71, Dasani has a slightly more tart taste than other popular bottled water brands, and contains added minerals like magnesium sulfate and sodium. Dasani brand bottled water has a lower pH level than tap water, which is set at no lower than 6.5 pH.

2. Voss Drinking Water

Despite its minimalist look, Voss is not at all basic. The bottled water brand has a pH level of 5.9 at most, which makes the water more acidic than most brands in the market. Its carbonated water has an even lower pH level due to the carbonate salts and minerals added into the water. Its natural mineral content also contributes to its acidity.

3. Aquafina

Like Dasani, Aquafina is sourced from tap water, which is then treated via reverse osmosis and carbon filtration. Aquafina is the direct competitor of Dasani, manufactured by Pepsico, but it is acidic just the same. However, this brand of bottled water is slightly higher on the pH scale at 5.63 pH. The water contains low amounts of total dissolved solids and minerals.

4. Deer Park Natural Spring Water

Deer Park water is our second runner up for the most acidic water brand in the market, registering a 4.89 on the pH meter. This highly-acidic brand of water is about as acidic as a cup of coffee, and is sourced from natural springs in South Carolina.

The water is treated to remove impurities, but contains beneficial minerals that were naturally present in the spring water, which contributes to its acidity. These essential minerals give the water a slightly sweeter taste compared to the tartness of Dasani, but it is still highly acidic spring water.

5. Ozarka Natural Spring Water

Like Deer Park, Ozarka is a naturally-acidic water due to the presence of minerals in the water. While the brand claims to maintain a pH level between 5.4 to 7.1, independent testing has concluded the water has an average pH of 5.2 pH, making it more acidic than tap water.

Ozarka is acidic due to the naturally-occurring minerals in the water, which throw off its pH balance. It is mineral-rich, and has a crisp but slightly sour taste. Nevertheless, the water remains highly acidic.

Drink Up!

The acidity of bottled water is almost negligible when consumed alone, but it is always better to choose drink options that suit your taste and lifestyle. Drink bottled water to your preference, but if you are prone to acid reflux or gastrointestinal problems, you may want to stick to alkaline spring water instead for those added, balancing benefits!

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