Best Bottled Water for Kidneys

November 29, 2022
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We often hear that drinking enough water is important in maintaining hydration, but did you know that the type of water matters when it comes to the kidneys? The kidneys are your body's natural filtration systems, and these remove contaminants like excess calcium and acids from your bloodstream.

This is why we are often told to "flush out the toxins" by drinking more water. However, there are brands and types of water that are high in minerals like fluoride and calcium, which may contribute to kidney stone formation, and other diseases.

Does the Type of Water Matter?

Yes, the type of water you drink matters! Not all water is made the same. Depending on its contents, water may have a different flavor or health benefit from other types like mineral water and electrolyte-enhanced waters. Knowing the right type of water for your body will help you maintain overall better health.

Water is essential for all bodily function, including the kidneys. However, bottled water brands that are high in sodium, calcium, and magnesium can lead to kidney disease, such as the formation of kidney stones.

The type of water to prevent kidney disease is said to be mineral water. However, alkaline water and distilled water are also suitable for promoting kidney health. Hydration is key to promoting good kidney health, and some types of drinking water have better health benefits than others when it comes to preventing chronic kidney disease.

The Best Bottled Water Brands for Healthy Kidneys

Here are 5 of the best bottled water brands that promote healthy kidneys! Avoid drinking tap water, which often has fluoride and chlorine, and hydrate with the delicious taste of crisp, pure water from these brands instead.

1. My Own Water

My Own Water provides crisp, clear water that comes in multiple variations for customers to choose from! They serve purified water, treated with a reverse osmosis process that removes contaminants, hard solids, and chlorine from drinking water, as well as electrolyte-enhanced water for improved bodily function.

Their alkaline water is the best water available for kidney health as it helps increase the alkalinity of the body, preventing the formation of kidney stones, as well as other diseases. Like mineral water, their natural spring water contains essential minerals that are necessary for your health.

2. Evian Water

Too much potassium, and inadequate potassium levels can cause kidney problems. Evian Water has a potassium level of 1mg, and maintains a balanced pH level of 7.2 as the water undergoes a natural filtration process, taking in beneficial minerals and natural electrolytes.

3. Voss Water

Like Evian, Voss contains a balanced potassium level of 1mg, which helps in the function of the kidneys. Voss is also low in total dissolved solids (TDS), and is as close to pure water as you can get! It is ideal for those monitoring their kidney health, as well as those prone to kidney stones. However, Voss Water is slightly acidic, at a pH level of 6.

4. Fiji Artesian Water

Fiji Artesian Water is the choice of water for those suffering from kidney stones and urinary tract infection, as the water is said to be beneficial in removing or preventing these ailments. With high levels of natural electrolytes, and a slightly alkaline pH of 7.7, Fiji is ideal for anyone wanting to hydrate the healthy way!

5. AQUAhydrate Electrolyte Enhanced Water

AQUA hydrate Electrolyte Enhanced Water is free from sugars and additives, and is also made potassium-free for those looking to lower their potassium levels. Purified through a proprietary process, the water may not have potassium in it, but it has essential electrolytes needed for healthy kidney function.

The Bottomline

Essentially, drinking water is still the best way to maintain good overall health. Increasing your water intake is a great way to prevent diseases such as cardiovascular disease, kidney failure, and urinary tract infections. However, the type of water you drink should be taken into consideration when you're focusing on maintaining healthy kidneys.

Stick to drinking clean and pure water without any sugars, additives, or sugar-free substitutes. These beverages will give you the purest hydration without any unnecessary, and possibly toxic chemicals. My Own Water provides different types of water from purified water, to natural spring water that will keep your thirst at bay, while keeping your body healthy!

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