Best Bottled Water for Espresso Machines

January 4, 2023

Different types of bottled water affect the taste of your brew, and the maintenance of your machine. Soft water is generally good for machine health, but can make the coffee taste flat. Mineral water has ample total dissolved solids that can cause your espresso machine to build up chalky substances due to its mineral content.

In this article, we'll discuss the importance of using bottled water for your espresso machine, and which kinds of water is best used for a tasty coffee. Read on to know why the type of water is important in the process of brewing an espresso.

Why Use Bottled Water for Espresso Machines?

Using bottled water instead of tap water in espresso machines may seem unconventional for those who are used to filling up their coffee makers with tap water, but bottled water can provide benefits to your espresso machine - and your coffee - that regular tap water cannot.

Minimize Mineral Build Up

Distilled water and purified water may help prevent mineral build up within your espresso machine as the mineral content of these types of water are negligible. Distilled water is completely devoid of any minerals, contaminants, or particles in the water, and is a completely pure water to use in espresso machines to avoid mineral accumulation.

However, distilled water may create a flat-tasting coffee. You may need to add a water enhancer meant for use in coffee machines to give your brew a full-bodied flavor. Purified water, also called reverse osmosis water, contains trace amounts of mineral content, so using reverse osmosis water instead of distilled water won't require you to condition the water.

Better Coffee

Some types of water make more flavorful coffee. Coffee needs water with a mineral content of at least 150 ppm, up to 200 ppm. This is the best concentration of total dissolved solids for brewing coffee that results in a smooth, balanced brew that highlights the flavor profile of coffee.

Natural spring water provides ideal espresso extraction of your beans, elevating the natural taste of the brew. Using natural spring water in your espresso machine will give you a better brew compared to distilled or reverse osmosis water, but may cause mineral build up over time.

Maintenance of Coffee and Espresso Equipment

When brewing coffee in an espresso machine, the last thing you'd want is the chalky flavor from scale build up to come through your espresso. This is often the case with tap water, which leaves chalky mineral traces when it evaporates from the machine.

Using a soft water, even soft spring water, will prevent scale build up while giving you a better brew. Using the right kind of water will help maintain your coffee and espresso equipment, and prevent scale accumulation that could potentially cause your machine to break down.

Best Bottled Water for Espresso Machines

#1 My Own Water Natural Spring Water and Alkaline Water

My Own Water natural spring water contains a moderate amount of minerals that will enhance the flavor profile of coffee without leaving scale. Our tap water is sourced from protected springs in Mt. Palomar, CA, and undergoes a 5-step filtration process to ensure pure, clean, and fine spring water - perfect for an espresso!

Enhance your espresso, and remove the acidity with My Own Water alkaline water, with an increased pH level to balance your brew, and give you a smooth, well-rounded espresso highlighting its natural sweetness.

#2 Third Wave Water

Third wave water was made for coffee. The brand claims to produce a better brew with its specifically-designed mineral water packets that provides just the right amount of minerals to your water to enhance your coffee. Third wave water has different packets optimized depending on your beans, and works on enhancing tea as well.

#3 Crystal Geyser Natural Alpine Spring Water

For a brand of bottled water that does not form scale build up, check out Crystal Geyser natural alpine spring water for espresso. This type of water may seem similar to Evian natural spring water, but provides a better coffee taste to the end product, highlighting the natural flavors of the beans without damaging the machine.

For all your water needs, look no further than My Own Water. Grab a bottle today, and start brewing!

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