Benefits of Reusable Water Bottles

January 30, 2023
Water Bottles

When you think of bottled water, you tend to picture purified water in clear plastic bottles. Plastic water bottles were designed to be single use plastics, and were sold for convenience and sanitation. However, the impact of plastic bottles have contributed to environmental damage, and reusable water bottles are seen as alternatives to plastic waste.

What Makes a Water Bottle Reusable?

A water bottle is reusable if: (1) can be used multiple times without breaking or leaching chemicals into the water, (2) is durable enough to be used for daily activities, and (3) are convenient to use and carry around like any plastic water bottle.

Most reusable water bottles are made from stainless steel, glass, or aluminum, but BPA-free plastic polymers also exist. These are meant to reduce the number of plastic bottles used in water consumption, thereby reducing the amount of plastic water produced over time.

Reusable bottles should be safe to drink from even after exposure to heat and moisture, and should be made eco-friendly - using up less energy, oil, and resources to create one reusable water bottle compared to plastic water bottles it is meant to replace. For these reasons, stainless steel water bottles and aluminum bottles are among the most popular types.

Are Plastic Bottles Reusable?

Yes and no. The short answer is no, most plastic water bottles used in bottled water production are not reusable as they tend to leach harmful chemicals into the water over time, and can do so when exposed to heat and sunlight. Disposable plastic bottle waste has become a significant issue, particularly as the world went back to single-use plastics due to safety concerns during the pandemic.

However, not all plastic water bottles are disposable. Reusable bottles made from BPA-free PVC plastic, polypropylene, and other plastic polymers are not meant to contribute to plastic waste as these are meant to replace disposable bottles. So while the typical plastic bottle is disposable, there are reusable plastic bottles available for use as well.

Benefits of Reusable Water Bottles

1. Reducing Plastic Waste

That stainless steel water bottle you keep with you at the gym is doing more than just tying your gym-aesthetic together; it is also helping you reduce plastic waste you create on a day-to-day basis!

For instance, the gym is where most people hydrate often as they sweat while exercising. Drinking water helps replenish moisture, and increases your energy to work out. However, instead of drinking bottled water in disposable plastic, using your own stainless steel water bottle or tumbler minimizes the waste you create as you only need one bottle to hydrate.

2. Versatility in Water Bottles

Reusable water bottles are also versatile, with many brands offering multiple designs, features, and sizes for every consumer! Because these are versatile and customizable, consumers can create distinct markings on their refillable bottles for immediate recognition.

3. Convenience

Reusable water bottles have a reputation for being a hassle to bring around, but they can be just as convenient as plastic water bottles! Bringing your own lightweight and durable water bottle around is just like carrying plastic bottled water, and you can refill bottles as nearby water fountains and dispensers for convenience.

4. Eco-friendly

A reusable bottle is eco-friendly as it helps cut plastic pollution. However, for a reusable bottle or tumbler to be truly eco-friendly, it must be used more often than you use disposable bottles. Refillable bottles are also eco-friendly as they are often made to last - so you only need to use one bottle to keep yourself hydrated!

5. Sanitary

Some consumers have concerns over reusable water bottles, particularly when used to fill drinks at cafes and restaurants. However, reusable water bottles can be sanitary with proper upkeep as you, the consumer, can attest to the cleanliness of the bottle since you wash it yourself. Refillable bottles can be just as sanitary as disposable bottles.

Choose Aluminum

Can't find a suitable water bottle that is not only durable, is also lightweight? Consider acquiring aluminum water bottles from My Own Water! Our recycled aluminum bottles are made with 95% less energy than it takes processing raw materials, is durable, and can hold both hot and cold drinks while keeping the bottle safe to drink from.

Choose My Own Water, and discover how you can reduce your plastic waste! 

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