Aluminum Water Bottle Vs. Stainless Steel Water Bottle: Which Is Better?

August 29, 2022
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Aluminum or stainless steel? Choosing the best water container between the two is among the most commonly asked questions asked by environment-conscious individuals looking to make the switch from plastic to reusable water bottles. With a wide selection of water containers to choose from, aluminum bottles and stainless steel bottles are often singled out for their amazing reusability and eco-friendly production process.

But with these benefits and advantages, which one’s the absolute better choice? In this article, we’re going to discuss the different factors that you can compare and consider when choosing between aluminum bottles and stainless steel reusable water containers.

Aluminum Water Bottle vs. Stainless Steel Water Bottle: Which is Better?

  1. Safety - The main difference between the two water bottles is that aluminum is generally reactive and is more likely to react to certain liquids. On the other hand, stainless steel is non-reactive so the chances of certain liquids interfering with the integrity of the bottle and drink are little to low. Aluminum water bottles usually also come with a protective lining to prevent the bottle from mixing with its contents. Enamel, resin and plastic are just some of the common materials that are used to construct this lining. This is why it’s very important to only consider aluminum water bottles lined with BPA-free epoxy resins when making your purchase.

  1. Durability - When compared to glass bottles or BPA-free plastic bottles, stainless steel water bottles are generally more likely to withstand different conditions such as breakage or cracks. What about aluminum? While stainless steel water bottles are considered more durable as they can withstand the wear and tear of daily usage, aluminum water bottles are also known to enjoy long-lasting durability. This is because these bottles are specially designed and made for reusability — keeping the material strong and sturdy for different individuals with different lifestyle needs.

  1. Weight - When it comes to weight, stainless steel water bottles are generally heavier than aluminum water bottles. This is due to the sturdier and solid material used by stainless steel containers and the quality of long-lasting durability that accompanies it. Aluminum bottles, on the other hand, are known to be relatively lighter and cool drinks faster than stainless steel water bottles. The choice ultimately depends on the preference and convenience of the user — aluminum water bottles are recommended for the more casual and lifestyle-leaning individuals whereas stainless steel water bottles can be for those who are into heavy-hitting activities such as sports and the outdoors.

  1. Material - Stainless steel water bottles have several types: high-end bottles made from 18/8 material and cheap bottles made of 18/0 material. This percentage in high-end bottles represent the metals present in the steel to make it an alloy, such as 18% chromium and 8% nickel. Since chromium is a durable metal and nickel has anti-corrosive properties, these high-end stainless steel bottles are more ideal than cheap bottles as they prevent the occurrence of rusting. When it comes to the health and safety of aluminum bottles, one thing you should always look out for are containers constructed with BPA-free liners.

  1. Appearance - Design and appearance is also an important factor to consider when choosing a water bottle. Comparing the two containers, aluminum bottles are considered more stylish than stainless steel bottles. With the growing trend and ubiquity of these good-looking aluminum bottles, choosing aluminum as your next container can allow you to stay stylish with every sip of your drink. On the other hand, stainless steel water bottles are generally more plain-looking but often customizable by colors that come in metallic and gradient shades.

How to Tell If Your Bottle is Aluminum or Stainless Steel?

The best way to tell whether your bottle is made from aluminum or stainless steel is to purchase your reusable bottle from a reputable store that will essentially include the description of the material of the bottle. But if you already have the bottle at home, and you want to know whether it is aluminum or steel, you can do the magnet test.

First off, stainless steel is much heavier than an aluminum one, and stainless steel bottles are often double-wall insulated. If your bottle feels much heavier than a plastic bottle, then chances are that it is made from stainless steel. If it is only slightly heavier than a plastic bottle, or weighs about as heavy as a soda can, then you’ve got an aluminum bottle.

Onto the magnet test: aluminum is not attracted to magnets, and will therefore not stick to a magnet drawn near to it. Grab a strong magnet that you’re sure will hold a good grip, and place it on your bottle. If it sticks, it is most likely stainless steel, tin, or any other magnetic metal. If it does not stick, then your metal bottle is most likely made from aluminum. 

Chart comparing aluminum vs stainless steel bottles

The Verdict: Choosing the Best Bottle for You

Overall, both aluminum and stainless steel bottles are definitely strong and worthy contenders that you can consider when choosing your next water container. Each bottle is considered safe, durable, reusable and made of high-quality materials. 

To help you break it down further and nail down on a decision, try to ask yourself other factors that you prioritize as a water bottle user. Are you looking for a bottle that should last you a long period of time? Consider stainless steel bottles. 

Or do you want a bottle that can help you stay hydrated and stylish at the same time? Then consider an aluminum water bottle. Whatever the case, going with either of these two water bottle favorites should give you your money’s worth.

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