The general rule is that the quality of your label largely depends on the quality of the artwork you provide. Acceptable files are: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Quark XPress 4.1 (MAC Format please!). Photoshop images must have a resolution of 300dpi, CMYK. Images with lower resolution will be pixelated or blurry. Please outline all type to avoid font issues (NO True Type fonts.) Sorry, Microsoft Word / Office files are unacceptable.

Click Here for label templates.

Art files can be emailed to:

Please note that when you think about your design, the finished label will go on a curved surface. You will therefore be able to see only about 2.5 inches of your label at one time (16.9oz label). While you can add text and images that cover the entire label space, you may want to consider that most important part of your image and/or message is easiest to read if it is positioned in the middle of the label.